*Kuriouz' GoldenWings Application

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*Kuriouz' GoldenWings Application

Post by Guest on Wed 21 Dec 2011, 7:31 am

Are you applying to join GoldenWings(Level 200+)?
As of Tuesday, December 20th I am lvl 185 not lvl 200 but i will be leveling more tomorrow and will definitely get to 200 on Wednesday and plan to be in GoldenWings.

Are you applying to join SilverWings(Level 1-199)?

Where are you from?
Liberty, South Carolina. U.S

What is your age?

What class are you?
Currently playing as a Slayer, always like to finish one class at a time.

Whats your current level?
185, will be 200 tomorrow.

How many hours are you online daily?
For the next 2 weeks i will be on mostly all day because i have nothing to do (except on weekends) then i got back to school. After i start school back then prolly 3-5 hours.

Do you go to school? If so state the times.
As stated above i do go to school, 8:10AM-3:00PM. Monday-Friday.

Is this your first Massively Multi-player Online (MMO)?

Whats your Ign (In game name)?

Is this your main character?

How long have you been playing?
Used to play this server about a year ago and quit for awhile now ive come back and like the updates and content in the game now.

How can you contribute to GoldenWings?
Yes, i can contribute to GoldenWings however i can. Whatever needs to be done or any help i can try to fulfill the spot.

How did you contribute to your last guild?
Didn't have a previous guild before this, go big or go home is the way i look at it.

Have you ever been in this guild? If so state why you left the guild and why you are re-applying.
No, I haven't.

What guild were you in before? Why did you leave?

Did you leave on good terms with your last guild?
If i had a previous guild, im sure it would have been on good terms trying to find something better.

Have you been in more than 4 guilds? If so which guilds were they? and why did you leave?

Do you have other characters in different guilds?

Please list two (active ign's) references from your previous guild. May we contact your references? If not please explain.

Have you ever scammed or been scammed in-game? If so explain,.
Not on this server, was scammed out of a LGB on real flyff one time -.-

Have you ever hacked or been hacked in-game? If so explain,.

We're a non-botting/non-hacking guild are you cool with that?
That's the way i like games, no cheats no hacks is the way to go.

This guild is a "Non-donor" (meaning not everyone donates) guild but we do have donors. Does this bother you? If so state why.
No this doesnt bother me.

What’s your end game goal for InsanityFlyff?
To have some of the best classes on it, as hard as that is to do i like a challenge.

Would you consider yourself an active gamer?

RaidCall is not required but recommended, do you use RaidCall?
Don't know what raidcall is but im sure it wouldnt be an issue using it, unless i had to pay for it...

How were you referred to us?
A RL friend that i started playing the server with got in and said it was a good guild, IGN: ChuckTaylors...

If accepted how long do you plan to stay with GoldenWings (Be serious)?
For as long as possible, love doing dungeons, making friends helping people out if needed... a good guild to me is like having a big family all trying to do the same thing.

Please list anything else you think we should know: Well I would say I get along with others... i have a 5 year old brother that has taught me all the patience i would ever need. I'm not hard to get along with. Sort of a no non-sense kinda person, even though i cut up at times. That's about it that i can think of, looking forward to seeing if i can get in. Thanks.

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Re: *Kuriouz' GoldenWings Application

Post by Guest on Wed 21 Dec 2011, 8:15 am

NUB. Nah jk, he's good people.

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Re: *Kuriouz' GoldenWings Application

Post by PLURlife on Wed 21 Dec 2011, 2:27 pm

Approved - Your Application has shown no discrepancies and you meet the basic requirements for gaining entrance into GoldenWings.

Please post Denied or Approved once the applicant has been determend for future refrencess. Thanks.

Contact one of the following officer/council members:

Stewie / JouJou


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Re: *Kuriouz' GoldenWings Application

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