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Rules and Policies

Post by Dayst on Wed 28 Nov 2012, 2:25 am

By joining GoldenWings you agree to follow the following guidelines:

1. You agree to not be disrespectful to any of your guild mates. (Example: No cursing, no sexual language, no racist comments). If an issue can’t be settled it will be determined by the officers the cause of the issue and the accused will be let go from the guild.

2. You agree to not bot or use any illegal 3rd party programs to give your character an unfair advantage within the game. If caught you will automatically be kicked from the guild.

3. If you have an issue with a particular member or multiple members please use your chain of command (starting with officer). If it isn’t resolved at the lowest level, proceed to council then high council.

4. You agree to not beg/scam your fellow guild mates or others within the game.

5. You agree to join the guild while upholding and adhering to all of it’s rules, policies, guidelines, and regulations without reservation.

6. You agree to not randomly insult or kill players associated with GoldenWings. If a player should attack your character physically, give him a warning to stop. If he continues then you can defend yourself.

7. You agree to not kill and steal drops from players or aligned with GoldenWings.

8. If you plan to invite another individual into the guild they must register on the forum, and fill out the application either found on our forums or the insanity recruit thread.

9. If your inactive for more than two weeks without making a post on the forum website, or notifying an officer or higher rank your character will be removed from the guild.

10. Only ONE alternative character can remain within the guild within reason. When the guild needs space you must choose which you will play on more (aka be your main) and the alternative character will be removed. The alternative character can then be placed in our overflow guild.

11. Only GoldenWings and approved Alliance members can use forum.

12. Any member that joins the guild must agree to not spam any chat. This also goes for begging for items. If caught violating any of the following things you will be removed from the guild. We do not tolerate spamming and begging of any kind in any chat.

13. All members must abide not only by our forum/guild rules but must also follow Insanity Flyff rules. This is not only to protect the guilds reputation but to also protect your account from a potential ban.

14. There is to be no AFK shouting/farming, shop/trade scamming, disrespect to GM/Admins.

15. If you account share you are at the mercy of the potentional threat and admins once issues occure. Account sharing is frowned upon on Insanity Flyff. If you choose to account share please do so in a cautious manor. The only times this is even remotely acceptable within the guild is in emergency sitautions in which you become ill, absent and or quit the game. We'd preffer if you are to become ill/hospitalized if you would only share your forum information with someone you trust and allow them to post what is going on or have them inform us through their account.

Please review our updated forum rules here:


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