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*RexY's App

Post by Guest on Wed 07 Dec 2011, 4:08 am

Are you applying to join GoldenWings(Level 200+)? YES

Are you applying to join SilverWings(Level 1-199)? YES

Where are you from? Sweden

What is your age? 15

What class are you? Harlequin

Whats your current level? 241

How many hours are you online daily? Depends, "usually atleast" 3 hours

Do you go to school? Yes

Is this your first Massively Multi-player Online (MMO)? Well I have played Alot of private servers and E-flyff for 3years

Whats your Ign (In game name)? RexY

Is this your main character? Yes

How long have you been playing? 1 month or something like that ( this server )

How can you contribute to GoldenWings? Well i'll contribute with the quest items that i will get and I will try to help the guild members if im able too.

How did you contribute to your last guild? I did'nt, cause i got treated badly ..

Have you ever been in this guild? Nope

What guild were you in before? Why did you leave? Well i dont remember but that guild sucked

Did you leave on good terms with your last guild? Yes, i wasnt treated kindly :<

Have you been in more than 4 guilds? If so which guilds were they? and why did you leave? No i havent :)

Do you have other characters in different guilds? Nope

Please list two (active ign's) references from your previous guild. May we contact your references? If not please explain. ??

Have you ever scammed or been scammed in-game? If so explain,. Nope, im not that stupid ;)

Have you ever hacked or been hacked in-game? If so explain,. No

We're a non-botting/non-hacking guild are you cool with that? Ofcourse

This guild is a "Non-donor" (meaning not everyone donates) guild but we do have donors. Does this bother you? If so state why. Nope, Its their choice :)

What’s your end game goal for InsanityFlyff? Making new friends, become one of the best and just having loads of fun :)

Would you consider yourself an active gamer? Hahahaha yes

RaidCall is not required but recommended, do you use RaidCall? No im sorry, i dont

How were you referred to us? gaijin told me to fill this app :)
If accepted how long do you plan to stay with GoldenWings (Be serious)? As long as im alloud to :)

Please list anything else you think we should know: What U Want To Know, Ask Me Personally or Post At Forum, I will Answer It If I Have Answer


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Re: *RexY's App

Post by Dayst on Wed 07 Dec 2011, 4:10 am

Pending Personal Interview - Your Application shows few discrepancies and requires a personal interview with a ranking member of GoldenWings.

Contact one of the following officer/council members:

Stewie / JouJou


High Council
High Council

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