*Crescent Moon Application Form

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*Crescent Moon Application Form

Post by Guest on Wed 30 Nov 2011, 12:35 pm

"Ask not what your guild can do for you, but what you can do for your guild."

Are you applying to join GoldenWings(Level 200+)?
Yes , I am 300 in level.

Are you applying to join SilverWings(Level 1-199)?
No , Sorry.

Where are you from?
I am from Philippines.

What is your age?
I am 18 years old Soon to be 19

What class are you?
I am a Slayer.

Whats your current level?
My current level is 300.

How many hours are you online daily?
Sometimes 8 Hours and 12 Hours.

Do you go to school? If so state the times.
Yes I go to school , I start at 7:00 am and ends up at 6:00 pm due to some school clubs

Is this your first Massively Multi-player Online (MMO)?

Whats your Ign (In game name)?
My IGN is CrescentMoon.

Is this your main character?
Yes , It is.

How long have you been playing?
I have played Flyff for 4 years now that was on Elite Crystal Flyff,
About Insanity Flyff, I started for 2 weeks.

How can you contribute to GoldenWings?
Im gonna participate in Sieges, Helping Anyone that Needs Help and Participate in dungeons with my guildmates.
But Most Important, Is to have close friends in the guild

How did you contribute to your last guild?
Nope. I haven't join any guild before.

Have you ever been in this guild? If so state why you left the guild and why you are re-applying.
Nope. I haven't join any guild before.

What guild were you in before? Why did you leave?
Nope. I haven't join any guild before.

Did you leave on good terms with your last guild?
Nope. I haven't join any guild before.

Have you been in more than 4 guilds? If so which guilds were they? and why did you leave?
Nope. I haven't join any guild before.

Do you have other characters in different guilds?
No , I haven't.

Please list two (active ign's) references from your previous guild. May we contact your references? If not please explain.
None. I haven't join any guild before.

Have you ever scammed or been scammed in-game? If so explain,.
No , I haven't.

Have you ever hacked or been hacked in-game? If so explain,.
Nope , Ive never do that.

We're a non-botting/non-hacking guild are you cool with that?
Yeah . 100%

This guild is a "Non-donor" (meaning not everyone donates) guild but we do have donors. Does this bother you? If so state why.
No , It doesnt bother me at all.

What’s your end game goal for InsanityFlyff?
My goal is to join an active and a nice guild to be not a loner again and to have a new friends to bond with

Would you consider yourself an active gamer?
Yes , Definitely.

RaidCall is not required but recommended, do you use RaidCall?

How were you referred to us?
I saw the thread in the insanityflyff forums about ''Awakening this Guild''.

If accepted how long do you plan to stay with GoldenWings (Be serious)?
Simple. Until The Insanity Flyff Is Gone .

Please list anything else you think we should know:
Well i have a talent in singing so as drawing and painting and other related things about Art. Well im starting to study how to create a pro signature in furoms site only. My Hobbies are Soccer & Chess. If you want any details and information from me. Feel free to chat me and pm me in game . Hoping that you will accept my application. :bball:

Congratz you have now completed the GoldenWing application process. By Submitting this application you agree you have filled out this application to the best of your knowledge and also you agree to abide by GoldenWings polices and procedures, Should your application be accepted we will notify you via pm either in-game or on the forums within 24 to 48 hours upon completion of your application. GoldenWings reserves the right to terminate acceptance if applicant violates policy's or agreements set forth. Applicant also reserves the right to terminate acceptance if offered. GoldenWings is a copyrighted tag all rights reserved. Good Luck and Best Regards to the Slain.


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Re: *Crescent Moon Application Form

Post by PLURlife on Wed 30 Nov 2011, 1:45 pm

Approved - Your Application has shown no discrepancies and you meet the basic requirements for gaining entrance into GoldenWings.

Contact one of the following officer/council members:

Stewie / JouJou

NOTE: If you have any references, As in people that know you and trust you in game,

Please list on your application, Or Post in a reply to this application.


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