*Application Kelli/IrmI

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*Application Kelli/IrmI

Post by Guest on Sun 20 Nov 2011, 5:52 am

Are you applying to join GoldenWings(Level 200+)?
Thats the one^^

Are you applying to join SilverWings(Level 1-199)?

Where are you from?

What is your age?
16. 17 at january

What class are you?
Templar (tanker equiped) and Seraph

Whats your current level?
300 and 300

How many hours are you online daily?
0-3 (well 0 hours rarely happens xD)

Do you go to school? If so state the times.
yes i go to school. i come home from school at about 19.00 server time

Is this your first Massively Multi-player Online (MMO)?
I think my first actually was runescape ^^ mehehe

Whats your Ign (In game name)?
IrmI (i am not so much on this on anymore but when i double log shes my first choice)^^

Is this your main character?
Yes it is

How long have you been playing?
2-3 years on this server. maybe up to 5 years with eflyff

How can you contribute to GoldenWings?
Be one heck of a tanker in both siege and when bossing. Or i can come with my rm and be one heck of an rm too ^^

How did you contribute to your last guild?
well when the server was kinda restarted i was one heck of a drakul tanker and i was one of the highest ranked people in the guild i helped with runs and answearing questions ingame ^^

Have you ever been in this guild? If so state why you left the guild and why you are re-applying.
I haven't been in this guild before.

What guild were you in before? Why did you leave?
i see u ask the same question further down please read there ^^

Did you leave on good terms with your last guild?
well the last guild was mine and it was pretty much dead so...

Have you been in more than 4 guilds? If so which guilds were they? and why did you leave?
Dior (reason guild siege guild and i was poor and low lvl), Pain(only doing guild siege i want to do bosses too), Distubed (the guild died...)

Do you have other characters in different guilds?

Please list two (active ign's) references from your previous guild. May we contact your references? If not please explain.
Hmm, the last guild i was in was my own and their aint any1 active there so sorry. But there is people in your own guild that know me like SirArdain and MikuTan. You can allways try to ask them ^^

Have you ever scammed or been scammed in-game? If so explain.

Have you ever hacked or been hacked in-game? If so explain,.

We're a non-botting/non-hacking guild are you cool with that?
I don't bot either so i am cool with that^^

This guild is a "Non-donor" (meaning not everyone donates) guild but we do have donors. Does this bother you? If so state why.
This doesn't bother me.

What’s your end game goal for InsanityFlyff?
To be a well known player who's kind and helpfull.

Would you consider yourself an active gamer?
I was more active before but, since skyrim came out i have been playing a bit of it. But i have been online alot anyway

RaidCall is not required but recommended, do you use RaidCall?
I do not use it, but i have it and i know how to use it.

How were you referred to us?
Nowhere i have just been to lazy to write a apply before, but i got the finger out of my *bee* and wrote it ^^

If accepted how long do you plan to stay with GoldenWings (Be serious)?
For the long run. Might switch guild if we are not going siege but i see that the guild has started to go to GS a bit more so i think i will stay for the long run^^

Please list anything else you think we should know:
I like to be called Martin (because it's my name)
I played here for a long time.
I love to do boss runs, and i will probebly allways join if someone want's to go.

Well that's a few facts about me.


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Re: *Application Kelli/IrmI

Post by Leviathan on Sun 20 Nov 2011, 5:58 am

Yeah not much to say lol Good to have you here.. and yes we are trying to get up a good siege team.. atm its mainly jixx cause he loves seige and rocks it with his seraph lol

Approved - Your Application has shown no discrepancies and you meet the basic requirements for gaining entrance into GoldenWings.

Contact one of the following officer/council members:

Stewie / JouJou



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Re: *Application Kelli/IrmI

Post by Guest on Sun 20 Nov 2011, 6:11 am

sweet ^^


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Re: *Application Kelli/IrmI

Post by SirArdain on Sun 20 Nov 2011, 6:24 am

hehehe, u forgot me i love sieging biatch :kiss:


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Re: *Application Kelli/IrmI

Post by Leviathan on Sun 20 Nov 2011, 6:41 am

Lol snow as well i guess snows a pvp whore o_O

And i hope that sensi can get on durin sieges as well :P



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Re: *Application Kelli/IrmI

Post by Mono on Sun 20 Nov 2011, 7:21 am

Welcome bro <3

Romeo u leaved me like a star . But i will always remember u <3



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Re: *Application Kelli/IrmI

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