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Dayst's Sig Shop

Post by Dayst on Thu 18 Aug 2011, 12:13 pm

Well here we go I'm going to post some of my art work (signatures) alot of them are from other games. These signatures go from the most recent sigs to the latest signatures I've made so keep in mind that the styles will change according to the styles that are most popular on the forums they are used on. Alot of the signatures are showing up bigger than I made them for the forum so I'm not sure how to fix that...but my pride and joy signatures are suppose to be that big...the others are just being weird. So well here you guys go tell me what you think! Enjoy~!

EGSForum sig:

InfinityForum sig:

ShadowConsortium Sig:

Muffins signatures:

Kjays sig:

Xeonrequiems Sig:

InsanityFlyff Goldenwings Sig:

Flyff Gpotato server Orisis guild sig:

First flyff signature i lawled at how amature this sig is:

iLingLings cabal sig:

Fujisaki (me) cabal signature: (my pride and joy did all effects pixal by have to look hard but the font is also rainbow by each letter lol.)

TitusAquilinus (my boyfriends) cabal signature:

Gregfishin (best cabal friend ever!<3) cabal signature: (it turned out a little fussy cause of the effects which doesn't seem to be working...the font is suppose to glitter)

My old pride and joy...this is my Tier 1 war signature for myself Fujisaki/IceTray:

Choveys (ex officer) cabal signature:

My first ever muilti picture signature I made for myself and all my alts:

JaangRyaangs (ex coleader) cabal signature:

Goldfalcon (ex officer) cabal signatures:

I hope you enjoyed them...alot of them are made for white background forums so sorry if they don't blend into this one.


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Re: Dayst's Sig Shop

Post by Guest on Sat 20 Aug 2011, 12:52 pm

there relay asome sigs i only made to in my life the first sucked lol

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