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Dayst's Stories

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I'd like to take this time to say that the origonal story belongs Konami. Full copyrights belong to the origonal publishers and artest. I am just doing my own twist on their story. Each chapter will have a picture of each new character introduced. Names left to right.

Chapter 1: The Past

In 1489 there was a grievous incident that once occurred on the boarder between the Scarlet Moon Empire and the Kooluk Empire. There was years of conflict between these two Empires, and for a long time they would carve away at each other's strengths.

However, the Scarlet Moon Empire made a proposal, and both sides settled on a truce for an indefinate period of time. Admist this situation, there was a fraction of nobles on the Scarlet Moon side who couldn't suppress their raging blood. They had gained distinction in the war against the Kooluk. It is said that they grew impatient with the truce. Soon, their anger took the forum of "hunting".

They attacked small villages along the boarder, one after another. It is said that when they did this they disguised themselves as Kooluk troops. Perhaps due to this, for a long time series of incidents was procieved to be over boarder disputes.

Finally, having found out the true state of things, the tacticians of the Scarlet Moon Empire issued a warning, but they said, "This is in opposition against the Kooluk Army's sneak attacks." and they didn't listen. During this time, a serious incident occurred where a subordinate of the tacticians used a great power known as the "Rune of Punishment." This rune passes from owner to owner because it drains it's owners own life as it is used. It is said that this Rune can control the whole archipelago if the weilder wishs it, but the tactician used it to murder a fraction of the nobles.

The tactician that warned the others was immediately banished. She was accused of using the power and murdering the nobles. She was never to return to the Scarlet Moon Empire. It is said that no more cases of man-hunting was reported afterwards.
Later in the year of 1511 the Kooluk Empire had conquered most of the northeast of the archipelago and it is now called El-Eal. The Kooluk Empire's expansion into the south commenced with the completion of a strong fort in the southern most point of El-Eal, and they forumed three new fleets to celebrate.

Feeling threated by this the Gaien Dukedom dispatched the Knights in Razril and the fleet affiliated with Middleport to El-Eal and launched a sneak attack. However, this assault was foiled in no time at all by the first Kooluk Fleet, and the Gaien Dukedom military was forced to withdraw.
The leader of the first Kooluk Fleet was a sixteen year old boy by the name of Troy.Troy was known as "The Son of the Sea God" for he was a Navel leader at the age of ten and never lost a battle.

After this, the Kooluk forces invaded Middleport, stationing their troops there. The Kooluk forces later let after Middleport agreed to establish itself as an independent city.

El-Eal is somewhat on the stagnate side, they are steadily making preperatoins to advance southward and thus the Cray Trading Company was born. They are a type of black market and they learn their fighting styles from the best pirates.
And now let us begin our story in the present year of 1521 with two young boy trainees and their friends out at sea scouting the surrounding area for enemy vessels. Today is the day they graduate with their friends from the Razril Knights of Gaien Academy.

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Re: Dayst's Stories

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Chapter 2: Graduation

Chiepoo, Jewel, Keneth, Yuu, Snowe, Paula, Tal, Katarina, Glene (left to right- each chapter will have a new character chart to introduce new characters to each chapter)

"Hey Snowe, Yuu come here!" Keneth shouted from the bow of the ship.
"What is it Keneth?" Snowe replied as he ran to him with Yuu right behind him.
"We are almost to Razril." Keneth answered.
"Really? How can you tell?" asked Snowe.
"It's by the color of the water. When we are near Razril the water is bright like a shimmering daimond" Keneth said with a smile.
"Really now...? Well I can't wait until tonight! What about you, Yuu?" Snowe excitedly turned around to Yuu.
"I can't wait either!" Yuu shouted with the biggest smile. "Oh, by the way aren't you doing the Kindling Ceremony tonight Snowe?"
"Yes, but I would like it if you would~" Snowe was interrupted by a shout from the Crow's Nest.
"Enemy Vessel directly behind us! What do w do!?" paniced Paula as she pointed back at the huge ship.
"We will turn about and fire!" commanded Snowe. "Keneth, Tal! Prepare the Thunder Rune Cannons!"
"Yes, Captain!" They saluted and quickly ran below deck.
"Are you nervious?" Snowe turned to Yuu calmly after finishing commands.
"Not as much as the last time you put me in command. This will be my second navel battle I guess." smerked Yuu straighting his headband.
"Well don't worry you'll do great and I'll be right here for you." Snowe encouraged Yuu placing one hand on his shoulder giving a stern smile.
"Thank you. This is why I'm proud we are best friends." Yuu returned the smile.
"Right, now it's your turn for commands. Let's go!" Snowe placed a hand on his sword and prepaired for battle.
"They're coming in on the starboard side! Turn about and fire!" Commaned Yuu to the other trainees.

The ship quickly turned about where the ships cannons faced the enemy ship. Keneth and Tal fired the cannons sending an amazing beam of light straight to the enemy. The sound of thunder could be heard for miles as the cannon balls hit the port-bow of the ship.
"Yes we hit them!" exclaimed Jewel looking over the side of the ship.
"Don't get cocky and prepare to board their ship!" Yuu shouted as he ran down the stairs to the deck.
"Yes sir! I will get the underlings ready and get your swords too sir!" She saluted and ran off below deck and returned with Yuu's trainee swords.
"Thank you Jewel. You really are a true friend." Yuu took his swords and placed them in the hulsters on either sides of his belt.
"Your welcome. I will now go prepare for battle." Jewel ran off to her post.
"Now ram them! We are boarding! Make sure you fire when they do because one hit on us and it can cost us the whole battle!" Commanded Yuu as the ship speed up charging right at the enemy ship. The enemy fired a thunder rune at the Sina.
"Thunder Cannon one fire!" yelled Keneth as he shot the shell at the enemies thunder shell. The two shells collided and they snapped twice as loud as the one that hit the enemy ship before.
"Yes! They neutalized one another! Great aim Keneth!" exclaimed Tal as he gave Keneth a high-five. The ships collided and the enemy boared the Sina.
"Jewel, you fight the solders on the bow! Paula you use your water rune to heal fallen allies! We don't want to lose this fight, not the day of our graduation! Snowe, let's go, we're giong after the captain and the assistant!" They ran to the stern of the ship but they only got a few feet.
"Just where do you think you're going? You will not escape us!" said the captain of the enemy ship. A woman walked up to the captain.
"I will help captain. This will be good training." she said mysteriously as she pulled out her staff.
"Yuu let's use our combo attack." suggested Snowe. Yuu charged at the assistant. She tried to dodge but instead got struck in her arm with his sword.
"Captain I'm sorry but I can't fight..." weakly said the woman as she groped her arm in pain. "My arm is too damaged to hold my staff up now."
"It's okay, just concentrate on healing yourself. I will do the rest. Now, here I come." the captain charged at Yuu.
"Look out Yuu!" shouted Snowe as he jumped infront of Yuu and got struck instead. "Owwww-ahhh, my right arm! It hurts!" Snow fell and held onto his arm. Blood coming out of a deep cut absorbing in the cloth on his sleeve.
"Snowe! Are you okay?!" Yuu started to run to help Snowe when he heard the deep voice behind him.
"Don't worry about him... you need to worry yourself." the captain positioned himself for one-on-one combat with Yuu.
"Bring it on." Yuu replied slowly facing the captain with a dark and vengeful look in his eyes.
"Here I come! AHHHH!" the captain charged at Yuu.
"Hump...Amature..." whispered Yuu under his breath as he quickly changed positions to offensive. When the captain came closer, Yuu side stepped and did a fast spin torso attack. Striking the captain across his chest just above his heart. The captain fell to his knees.
"" said as he started to stand up.
"Here I come!" Yuu charged without even giving the captain time to open his eyes from the last blow.
"What!? He's fast!" the captain quickly put his sword above his dead just as Yuu cut downward with his sword. "'re good and you've great speed..." the captain smiled cockily. "but....I'm stronger!" he used his sword to push Yuu back then quickly attacked Yuu.

Yuu quickly counted with a cross attack of his swords. The two swords faced off in a feirce attack. Sparks flew at the center of the three swords. Yuu's blades pushed back in an X formation around the captains one boardsword. Yuu and the captain faced each other face to face.
"I'm not as weak as you may think!" Yuu shouted pushing up forcefully on the captains sword making it fly out of his hand. "Now it's over!" Yuu does a side step spin agian attacking twice in a huge X across the captains chest breaking through the daimond metal plate. The captain falls to his knees one last time holding onto his chest. " about tiring.." Yuu sheaths his swords with a slight spin and whipes the sweat off his browe.
"Very good Yuu." The captain staggeredly stands up and claps with a huge smile. "You've gotten stronger and for that I am glad."
"Commander Glene are you okay?" asked the woman in a panic.
"I'm okay Katarina. Thank you for asking." Glene looked over at the woman then back to Yuu with a satisfied laugh. "Yuu and the rest of the graduates passed the final exam. Well, shall we all head back to Razril?"
"Aye aye commander! We are on our way home now!" replied a Razril trainee as he went to the bridge.
"Are you okay Snowe?" Yuu walked over to Snowe and reached out his hand to help him up.
"Yeah, Lady Katarina healed me a few seconds before you beat the comander. I'm still a little weak though." Snowe replied as he brushed himself off.
"Yeah the commander sure can pack a punch!" Yuu smiled as he patted Snowe's right shoulder.
"Ow! That hurts....don't do that!" Snowe glared at Yuu then smiled as he nudged his shoulder.
"Oh right, sorry I forgot." Yuu laughed with a huge smile.
About five feet away the commander Glene and Lady Katarina are talking as Snowe and Yuu picked on one another in the background.
"They seem to get along nicely don't you think commander?" asked Lady Katarina with a light smile.
"Yeah they make a great team..." Glene chuckled. "Yeah a great team."
"Land hoooooo!" shouted Paula as she spotted Razril.

The small ships pulled into the docks. Razril is a medium size city made of white bricks. There is bright flowers around path ways. The shops are just to the left of the dock through the double doors. They have a small port for quick access to the rune, grocery and armory shops right by the water. The town Inn is just north of this area. There is a main street and a back ally but hardly anyone goes that way unless their house is right there. The Knight Hall is up the stairs from the white brick docks. This is where our story continues with the graduates going ashore.
"Commander Glene told me to tell all graduates to meet in the Knight Hall for his speech later." one of the Knight's of Gaien walked up and saluted Snowe and Yuu.
"Okay, we will go asap." Snowe repied with a stern look.
"Com'on Snowe we don't want to make the commander mad." Yuu nudged Snowe walking towards the Knight Hall.

They ran up the shimmering stairs and past all the trainees. The trainees stopped what they was doing to saluted Snowe and Yuu as they passed by going to the gaint wooden doors.
"Go to the Training Hall just through the doors straight ahead." commanded a royal guard pointing off to the left.
"Wow, I didn't realize how many graduates there are this year." Snowe said in amazement as they walked in and seen hundred or more trainees amoung the royal guards.
"Of course, there are sixty trainee graduates to one fleet." laughed Keneth as he walked up with Jewel, Tal, and Paula.
"Yeah and there are two fleets in Razril." continued Jewel.
"We thought you knew that since you are the son of Lord Vincent the ruler of Razril." said Tal and Paula together with a sarcastic smile.
"Hey guys, leave him alone. We all know he has a short term memory." said Yuu with a huge smile on his face.
"That's right...Hey! That's not funny! Why do you guys pick on me so much?!" pouted Snowe.
"You know we don't mean anything by it." Yuu replied as he patted Snowe's left shoulder. "Hey atleast I remembered this time."
"Good cause that hurt last time." Snowe laughed and smiled at everyone.
"Everyone! Get in your lines and stand at attention!" Commanded Lady Katarina from the stage.
"Thank you Katarina. I will take it from here." said the commander as he stepped up to the center of the stage.
"Congradulatoins graduates! You have finished your training and you are now Knight's of Gaien! You are now resonsible for not only making choices for your kingdom but also your teammates!" Glene's eyes soon filled from a joyful look to a cold stern look. "Now there is a story I want to tell you. In the war of 1511 our fleet was sent out to fight the Kooluk Empire. I was an assistant commander at the time. When we started to fight I saw a young boy. He was dressed like a dark knight with dark brown hair and black armor. He had a black cape with a silver symbol of the Kooluk Naval Military Fleet. A fierce phoenix surrounded by a brillent flame. I fought him that day. His sword was made of gold and his technique was like no other. He let me live but he told me..."You go and tell your king that we one day will claim Razril." He set me in a small row boat and I will never forget those cold eyes as if he grew up with no one to love him. Sadly to say I was the sole survivor of that war...either way we can't let him take over Razril and that is why we still continued the Knights. It has been ten years since that war and they have successfully made the Cray Trading Company. We can NOT let this black market trade any longer, and with that said I'll say this one last time. Congradulations graduates! You have become Knight's of Gaien!" finished the commander as he stepped out of his firm position. The graduates saluted and cheered as the commander dismissed them.

"Yuu, don't you think we should go to the Kindling Ceremony now?" Snowe said as he turned to Yuu. They walked back to the docks and headed down to the double doors to the port of town.
"There you are young Master Snowe. Here take this." a man handed Snowe a torch.
"I the son of Vincent Vingerhut shall perform the Kindling Ceremony as Snowe Vingerhut." Snowe annouced proudly. "Well shall we go?" Snowe turned to Yuu as he took a step forward. They walked up the main street a ways and then Snowe stopped and turned around.
"Um...I feel a little uncomfortable being the center of attention. Here you take it." Snowe started to hand Yuu the torch.
"No, this is your chance Snowe." Yuu said as he tried to get him to keep it.
"Don't be so humble. I don't mind, here take it." Snowe said with a smile on his face.
"Oh, alright." Yuu looks calmly at the torch as the flame danced in the night air.

They walked down the street going to person and to another person lighting there torches with his. When they made it to the square at the front of the town's Inn a huge group waited for them. All the graduates, royal guards, commanders and towns people stood around joking and laughing congradulating everyone. Food and drinks sat on the tables that laid out all over the square. A chubby man with fancy cloths, blonde hair and mustache stood on the platform in front of the Inn.
"Ahem, congradulations graduates and I hope you've had a great experience during your training over the years. Now eat, drink and be marry for tonight is all about you!" finished the man as Snowe and Yuu walked up to him.
"Father are you mad that I let Yuu do the rest of the Ceremony?" Snowe asked with his head held kind of low.
"Oh heavens no!" laughed Lord Vincent. "It's only right for you two to do the ceremony together. You are just like brothers after all." He smiled as he patted Snowe on the top of the head.
"Good speech Lord mean father." Bowed Yuu with a corky smile.
"Thank you, but don't worry about calling me by my name. You are adopted boy. So it's understandable." replied Lord Vincent. "Well you two should be heading to bed it is late and you both have a big day ahead of you."
"Very well then...goodnight father." They both bowed and firmly stood back up.
"Goodnight my sons." he smiled happily as he watched them walk back down the street.
"Oh, oh, guys are Knights, right?!" asked a Kabool (cat that moves like a human) with a little boyish voice.
"Yes why?" Snowe replied with a slightly worried look on his face.
"There was a little girl kidnapped just now by a pirate!" replied the Kabool pointing off in different directions in a panic.
"Where'd they head off to?!" Asked Yuu as he stepped forward with his hands on his sheathed swords.
"To the back ally!" he started running to the back ally pointing franticly.
"Hey Kabool you go tell Jewel and Keneth to come quickly! They are in the square with the other knights!" commanded Snowe.
"Okay, I'll go to the square now!" he said quickly as he ran to get Jewel and Keneth.

Snowe and Yuu ran off to the back ally and came to a huge dark area of the allyway.
"Do you think she's in there?" Yuu pointed to an openning area lit by the moonlight.
"I don't know but let's check it out." Snowe replied taking slow steps foward into the moonlight.
"Hey, you! Are you trying to foil my plans?!" a male pirate walked out of the shadows.
"Hey it's only two against one pretty good odds don't you think?" whispered Snowe as he stood in fighting stance.
"You think you out number me?" laughed the pirate. "Have you forgotten pirates are like wolves, we travel in packs." he snapped his fingers and seven more pirates came out of the shadows and surrounded Snowe and Yuu, pushing them to stand back to back in a fighting stance.
"Hey Yuu! Do you think the Kabool set us up?" asked Snowe with slight panic in his voice.
"Well..." Yuu started to talk but was shortly interrupted.
"Starting the party without us agian I see." laughed Keneth as Jewel ran up behind him.
"Keneth, Jewel! Thank goodness you're here!" Snowe exclaimed slightly calmer now.
"Well you're still out numbered!" growled the pirate.
"We maybe out numbred but you're out matched!" Yuu changed to defensive position as the pirates charged them.
"Clay guardian!" Snowe shouted as he raised his right hand. A bright glow shot from his hand and surrounded him and the others creating a barrier.
"Full frontal assault! I don't care if they are using runes or not!" shouted the head pirate.
Snowe, Yuu, Keneth and Jewel faught off the pirates til only the head pirate was left. He started to panic and stubbled back onto the ground.

Yuu walked up to the pirate his sword holding his neck hostage by the tip of the blade.
"Oh no, what do i do?" paniced the pirate as he felt Yuu's blade slightly pierce his skin. Blood droplets starting to trickle down his neck.
"I'll let you live if you let the girl go." Suggested Yuu with cold crule eyes.
"She's behind the boxes over there!" pointed the pirate trying not to make anymore sudden movements. The little girl walked out from behind the boxes.
"Go..." Yuu lowered his sword. "And don't ever come back." The pirate stubbled and paniced to stand up. Occationally tripping over his own feet as he ran away.
"I will not forget this!" shouted the pirate after he ran far enough away from them.
"Are you okay?" Jewel walked over to the girl and gently held her by her shoulders.
"Yes thank you so very much for saving me." the girl looked up at Yuu with greatful eyes.
"What are you doing in such a horrible place anyway?" asked Snowe as he knelt down to her.
"I was going to the square from my house but he came after me then you guys came and saved me." smiled the little girl.
"Well we are glad you are okay. Can you make it back okay?" asked Keneth in a relieved tone.
"Mhmm" nodded the girl as she ran off to the square only stopping for a quick moment to look back at Yuu with a shy smile.
"Thank you for comming" Snowe sighed in relief to Keneth and Jewel.
"No problem. Chiepoo told us you might need reinforcements." Jewel smiled as she used her first aid kit to mend Snowe's wound.
"For awhile I thought it was a trap and Chiepoo was in on it." confessed Snowe as Jewel finished up the bandage.
"Well, should we had hack Keneth? The others might worry if we stay gone too long." Jewel turned back to Keneth looking back at the square.
"Sure, we need to let the others know what happened, goodnight Snowe and Yuu." Keneth said happily as he jogged off to the square.
"Well goodnight Yuu. I will see you in the morning." Snowe weakly smiled still remembering the look in Yuu's eyes as he turned about and walked to the square.
"Sleep well Snowe..." Yuu picked up a rag and whiped off the blood that remained on his swords. " to bed."

He walked back through the double doors and to the Knight Hall. Walking slowly as he reached a door that was on the right. He openned the door leading to a long dark room lit up only by a few torches along the walls. He walked across the hallway to his room and put his hand on the door and stopped for a minute. He stood there looking at the handle and looked down the hall slightly to see the kitchen. You could still hear the crackling fire from when the ladies had made the feast he didn't get to enjoy that night. He openned the door and and closed it. He walked past his small table and chairs to his bed, and laid down slightly looking around his room. Lit by a single half melted candle on the middle of his table giving his room a slight amunouse glow about it. The old beat up dresser stood next to the door. The doors practicly off its hendges. The chairs that sat next to the old table and had been smelted several times from breaking. He soon found himself drifting off into a peaceful sleep, dreaming of his new life as a Knight of Gaien.

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Re: Dayst's Stories

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Chapter 3: A Suspicious Ally

Mizuki, Ramada, Akaghi, Captain Brandeau, Rune of Punishment

"Yuu! Do you mind going to the Armory with me?!" Yuu could hear Snowe's voice echo into his room from the outside of his door.
"Yeah sure! I'll be out in a second. Let me put my headband on." Yuu quickly tied his long red headband through his medium length light brown hair.
"Oh...bring some money! They are taking back our trainee swords so you might want to buy yourself a new set of weapons." Snowe said as he leaned up against the wall next to the doorway.
"Let's go then." replied Yuu as he stepped out of his room with his money bag in hand.

They walked outside and it was a beautiful day. The sky was bright and the clouds had rolled out of the seas. The flowers shimmered against the white of the stone dock. Just one thing stood out of place. A bright emerald green feather about a foot long sat in the middle of the dock.
"What's that?" Yuu said as he picked up the feather. "We only have messanger sparrows, and their feather's are brown.
"I wonder where it came from?" Snowe looked the feather over, looking up at the sky seeing if it might have fallen from somewhere.
"I don't know but we don't need to worry right now." Yuu pocketed the feather and they walked down to the market place.
"Welcome Master Snowe. Your new armor is in." the armor keeper beamed happily at them as they walked in.
"Oh do you have any swords?" asked Yuu as he looked around the lightly lit shop.
"Yes young lad." the store owner bellowed as he walked around the edge of the store pointing out things. "We have darts, daggers, long swords, twin blades and uh~.."
"Did you say twin blades?" interrupted Yuu with an excited look on his face.
"Yes why?" the shop keeper pulled out a cart with twin blades on it.
"How much are they?" Yuu walked over to the cart looking over each pair.
"1500 potch per each blade." The shop keeper walked over behind the counter with a smile. "Only the best crafters we have."
"I want the black ones..." Yuu picks up the blades and spins them around doing swift attack movements, gently sheathing them on his belt. "Here's the potch. I'ma keep them." Yuu turned to Snowe and smiled with a light sigh. "So Snowe what did you come here for?"
"I have a surprise for you and luckily it came in today." Snowe waved to the shop keeper.
"Here you go Master Snowe." The keeper brought over a diamond chest plate over to Yuu. "The best type of armor under the golden sun and over the crystal seas my lad."
"Wow..." Yuu looks over the shimmering chest plate with excitement. "What is this for Snowe?" His voice showing he was almost too afraid to touch such a wonderful piece of armor.
"Have you forgotten? Today is the day you became my step-brother." Snowe smiled and nudged the plate to Yuu making him take it.
"That's today?" Yuu says still amazed by the plate. "...but I don't have anything for you."
"That's okay. You don't need to give me anything. You are already my best friend." Snowe beamed at Yuu as he paid the shopkeeper for the gift.

They walked outside into the sunlight. The chest plate shinned brighter than ever in the sun. The sound of the waves and the breeze hitting the docks sounded so amazing. To their left they could hear foot steps walking down the stone pathway.
"Hey, Lady Katarina told us we need to deliever the letter to Middleport." Jewel said as she handed Snowe the letter.
"Where is Tal and Paula?" Yuu looked around for them but they were no where in site.
"They are on other earns. We are on our own this time." smerked Keneth.
"Well let's get on the Sina and go to Middleport." Snowe started as he placed a hand on Yuu's shoulder.

They boarded the Sina and set sail over the sea. It was a beautiful day to be out at sea. The breeze was just right the air so fragrant of the flowers from far away islands. The light creeking sound of the ship swaying from side to side as the gentle current took them south to Middleport. Soon they saw the small fish harbor in view. The seaguls guiding them as they moved in to dock.
"Ah, there are the brave delievery knights! I have a small favor to ask of you." chuckled a Knight of Middleport.
"What do you need? I'm the captain of the Sina." Snowe stepped forward bringing his fist across his chest and dropping it back to his side.
"The fishermen have been recently attacked by a strange black hairball monster that prays on the Mackerel the fishermen catch. We were wondering if you could kill it for us." explained the knight as he pointed out the direction it's found.
"Okay we will go kill that monster for you." smiled Snowe as they boarded the Sina and set sail soon finding the monster.
"The monster is on the deck, everyone attack!" commanded Snowe as they all attacked the monster killing it with ease.

They sailed back to Middleport to inform the port knights about what they completed.
"Thank you for getting rid of that monster." smiled the knight excitedly. "This will show our graditude." the knight gave Snowe 3000 potch.
"Here this is for you." Snowe handed Yuu the potch.
"What's this for?" Yuu held the potch out in his hand looking from Snowe down to it.
"I'm giving you back your money you spent on the blades earlier. I thought about it and I wanted to give you the money back." Snowe smiled as he folded Yuu's hand over the money and smiles.
"Well thank you...but you don't have to." Yuu tried to give the money back.
"I'm giving it to you as a gift, keep it." insisted Snowe. Yuu put the money in his pocket.

They set sail again heading back to Razril. Yuu got out and stretched slightly in the beaming sun.
"I need to buy some medicine so I will catch up later." Yuu waved bye to the others as he walked off to the port.

When he arrived at the shop he noticed there was another sound in the breeze. It sounded like whispering. He leaned over the doorway to see what was causing all the fuss. He could see a young man and woman standing next to a small ship with black sails. The woman was dressed in a light blue dress and short dark black hair. The man had hair spiked up in a giant triangle all dressed up in a red jump suit. Both of them looked like assassins of somesort.
"Do you think we can get by with this?" asked the woman leaning in to the guy.
"I don't know." replied the guy. "I mean we got ambushed by some ships as soon as we left Middleport."
"All I know is we need to believe he can get us out of this situation like always." she stepped back and crossed her arms standing kinda sassy with her hip cocked to a side.
"Well we need to keep quiet because you never know who might be listening." said the guy as he quickly moved his head from side to side to crack his neck.

Yuu quickly openned the shop door and slid in just before they turned around and started walking in his direction. Yuu bought some medicine at the grocery store and headed back to the Knight Hall.
"Hey what to you so long? The commander needs us." Snowe shouted from across the street.
"Huh, what does he want?" Yuu walked over to Snowe.
"He needs us to escort a merchant ship to Iluya." Snowe and Yuu started to head back to the commanders office.
"No, it can't be, could it?" whispered Yuu as he looked around looking for clues.
"What did you say?" Snowe looked over at Yuu confused.
"Oh, it's nothing let's go." Yuu smiled as they ran to the Knight Hall thinking to himself. "If it is then I need to prepare for the worse."
"Ah, there you are, now this is..." Glene looked over at a man. "What was your name again?"
"Hello, my name is Mr. Ramada." said a tall balding man with glasses and a kind calm voice. He stepped out with a shy smile. He wore cloths that are strange to Razril. They looked like something someone would wear in the winter. "My crew and myself got attacked by monsters on our way home from Middleport. We came here for some assistance. If you would be so kind as to escort us back to Iluya we would very much appreciate it."

Yuu stood firm starting to have flash backs of what the man had said. Yuu looked at Ramada with cold eyes.
"You said you were attacked by monsters on your way home from Middleport?"
"Yes why do you ask young lad?" Ramada pushed his glasses up on his nose with his ring finger.
"Yuu, don't be so hostel, and what is with that question with that tone?!" Lady Katarina stepped forward slightly shocked from Yuu's behavior.
"It's nothing. I just wanted to make sure I heard what we are up against correctly." Yuu kept his stern stare in Ramada's eyes as he thought to himself. "There stories are a little different but there are some similarities. I don't trust him, I need to make sure I'm prepared for the worst." Ramada stared back at Yuu and gave a quick smerk.
"Don't forget to use the messenger sparrows if~..." Lady Katarina tried to remind but was interrupted.
"The boys will be just fine." Commader quickly said as he glared at Lady Katarina.
"Huh what was that?" Ramada quickly smiled and looked over at Lady Katarina.
"It's of no concern. So what do you say Snowe, will you do this?" asked the commander.
"Yes we will escort Mr. Ramada's crew to Iluya." replied Snowe firmly as they saluted and left the room with Mr. Ramada.
"Do you think they will be okay commander?" asked Lady Katarina with a concerned voice.
"I think I made the right choice to put Yuu on that ship. I just hope they are ready to be on there own." Glene walked over to the window and looked out slightly uneasy. "And Lady Katarina.."
"Yes commander?" Lady Katarina looked over at the commander with a slight bow.
"We do not mention messenger sparrows around foreigners, understood?" Glene firmly said to Lady Katarina.
"Understood, it won't happen again sir." she bowed and sighed gently.
"Oh, I have to go talk to my crew at the Inn. I will be back in fifteen minutes, so can you two wait for awhile?" asked Mr. Ramada.
"Sure we have time. Just let us know when you are ready." Snowe replied. "While he's gone I'm going to check out his cargo." Snowe walked off to the end of the docks to the ship.
"I guess I'll go stock up on rune shells just incase." Yuu thought to himself.

Mr. Ramada and his crew boarded their ship fifteen minutes later and some knights, Snowe and Yuu boarded the Sina as well. They sailed northeast to Iluya and got about one-forth of the way there when Snowe decided to walk around the ship. Snowe walked over to Yuu by the starboard rail of the Sina. Snowe looked out at the sea and leaned over the rail with his elbows gently resting.
"Hey Yuu, do you think we will be okay?" Snowe looks up at Yuu with worry in his voice and eyes. "I mean, when I looked at Mr. Ramada's cargo it was Rune Shells. They are huge! Even taller than me. What cannon is big enough for that big of a Rune Shell!?"
"Well~.." Yuu looked back at Snowe.
"Enemy ships straight ahead!" Shouted a knight from the crow's nest.

The enemy ships fired a Fire Rune Shell. A huge explosion hits the starboard bow side of the Sina. The pieces of shell and ship flew at Snowe and Yuu making them fall to the deck. Yuu shakes himself awake and looks over at Snowe.
"Owww! My arm!!" Snowe shouted in pain as he grasped his arm. Blood seeping out from under his hand.
"Are you okay Snowe!?" Yuu shouted over the cracking and explosions of enemy fire.
"My arm! I can't move it!" Snowe cried looking up at Yuu tears streaming down his face from the pain and panic.
"Captain Sir, the ship is under fire!" Saluted as a shell hit the water near them splashing a wave against them, making Snowe fall down once more.
"We must flee! We can't win a battle two against one!" Snowe paniced.
"But sir~.." The knight stood in shock.
"We fight!" Yuu said looking at Snowe with great disappointment.
"Wh-What did you just say!? I-I'm the captain here!" Snowe struggled to stand up staggering over his words, looking at Yuu in disbelief.
"Get the Water Rune Cannons ready and return fire, and make sure we are between both ships!" Yuu commanded to the knight.
"Yes sir!" he saluted and ran below deck.
"What are you doing!?" Snowe grabbed onto the sleeve of Yuu's jacket. "We can't possibly win, we are all going to die!"
"I'm doing what you should." Yuu tugged his sleeve out of Snowe's grasp. "Just because this is our first real mission and naval battle you go crying like a beaten dog. If you need to, go below deck and wait it out. You're a sad excuse for a captain."

Snowe look defeatedly at Yuu and broke his stare with him when another shell crashed in the water behind them. He walked staggeredly and slouched to the back of the ship. Yuu looked away from Snowe and started giving more commands.
"There's no use, we are all going to die." Snowe mumbled to himself as another shell hit the water making another huge wave crash against him. Snowe closed his eyes as the water crashed against him, when his eyes openned he saw a small row boat."There is no other choice." he climbed into the boat and lowered it into the water slowly heading to Razril.

"Aghh!" Shouted Glene in frustration. "I can't take it anymore! Get a crew ready we are going in as reinforcements."
"Yes commader, but don't you think they can handle this on their own?" replied Lady Katarina as she ran to the door.
"I can't let them be out there when the Pirate Brandeau is out at sea." Glene replied as he walked out the door with Lady Katarina to ready a ship and crew. "Don't die on me...."

"Commander what do we do?" a knight runs up to Yuu and salutes. "The enemy as the upper hand on numbers."
"Why does everyone sound like Snowe!" Yuu swong his sword in aggervation. "We can win this battle! As I said before we get in between the two ships and fire water sells at the sametime. Aim for both ships!"
"Aye aye sir!" the knight runs back below deck to give orders. The Sina quickly moves between the two pirate ships.
"Fire!" Said a pirate on board the other ships.
"Ready, aim FIRE!" said the knight below deck. The four shoots collided in the air deflecting the pirates back at them.
"Ahhhh! Their gunna hit!" the pirate ran around trying to find a safe place to hide from the cannon balls.
"Captain Brandeau, what do we do next?" asked another pirate.

A man with long white hair tied up in a scraggly ponytail stood up. His long body waving with the ship. He walked about as if he was drunk. His jacket looked like a navel nobles suit piece but years of ware and stains all around it. One eye hidden by his hair the other by an eye patch.
"We ram them..." smerked Brandeau in a calm yet horsed voice.
"Aye aye captain!" replied the underling.

Brandeau's ship came in on the port side and Brandeau and his assistant boarded the ship with his underlings.
"Let us fight!" Yuu commanded to the knights. "Jason will you fight with me?" Yuu looked over at the knight next to him.
"Yes commander! Til the death!" he replied readying his weapon.
"Hmmmm" Breadeau looked through his hair at Yuu. "Commander, huh?" Brandeau took another calm step forward. "You're the commander but you are giving the orders?" He looks around at everyone else. "Where is your captain?"
"I don't know..." Yuu gives Brandeau a stern stare. "But I'm in charge right now! I am your opponent."
"Very well then." Brandeau looks behind him. "Dayo, you fight his buddy and I will fight him."

Both Brandeau and Yuu stood in defensive possition walking in a slow circle keeping eachothers guard up, not breaking the stare. "You seem pretty good boy." a small smerk shines on Brendeau's face. "Let's see what you got." Brandeau charged Yuu.
"His weak spot is his legs." Yuu quickly thought as he tried to get himself in possition. "If I can just~..." Yuu dodged Brandeau's head attack leaving Brandeau wide open for Yuu's attack. Yuu lowered himself and did a knee and foot swipe of his twin blades.
"You are good." Bradeau slowly and weakly stands up. "You anticipated my move and countered it...but that won't save you for my next move. For my last move will finish of...YOU!" Brandeau takes off his left glove. A very unusual rune is shown on his hand. The rune looked like a twister of wind but not quite. Quickly putting his left hand into the air the light shines from it.
"No master Brandeau you must not use that! We will all be killed including you!" warned Dayo.
"I don't care! I'm not loosing to a kid!" said Brandeau as the bright orange-red light shined brighter out of the rune. An intense heat came out of Brandeau's hand and turned everyone around him to ash. Fortunatly Snowe's barrier from the Clay Guardian was still in effect. The barrier protected Yuu from the sun like heat. Brandeau and Yuu both collapsed on the floor. "You...idiot....Th-The same fate..that fell upon me...will soon be yours." weakly laughed Brandeau.

Just a little ways from the battle field Snowe sees commander Glene's ship.
"Hey commander!" Snowe stands up and tries to get the commanders attention.
"Is that Snowe?" asked the commander. "Help him into our ship." They helped him aboard the ship. Snowe ran up to the commander.
"Commander it is terrible! Pirates, pirates attacked the Sina sir!" Snowe paniced screaming at Glene.
"What happened?! Where is Yuu!" shouted Glene shaking Snowe by his shoulders.
"I don't know sir, but my arm I couldn't move my arm!" Snowe showed the commander his arm. Glene snarled and punched Snowe in the face. "Ahhh!" Snowe put his hand to his face and looked scared up at Glene.
"You idiot!!! The captain is always the last to leave the ship!!!" Glene shouted breathing heavy from anger looking down at Snowe.
"Commander he's only~.." started Lady Katarina but was interrupted.
"No...he-he's right." Snowe stood up and looked down in shame. "I'm weak that's why I left them."
"Sir the Sina!" A scout shouted pointing at the Sina in the short distance. "It's engulfed in flames!"
"No, Yuu!" The commander ran forward looking out at the Sina. "Please be alive! Go to the Sina we will rescue any survivors!"

The commander boarded the Sina and saw Yuu trying to stand up.
"Now it's your turn." laughed Brandeau as the commander stepped closer to Brandeau. "You will now get this retched rune that will slowly eat you away." Brandeau's body started to slowly turn to ash and blow away in the sea wind.
"What's this!?" Commander Glene looked at his left hand in horror. The rune had transfered to Glene as a bright orange-red light shined as it did before. The commander collapsing to the deck.
"Commander!" Yuu ran to the commander shaking him trying to get him to wake up. "Commander, Commander!" Yuu franticly looked around as the ship started to fall apart from the flames. "No use I'm just going to have to carry him aboard his ship." Yuu put one of Glene's arms around his shoulders as he tried to carry him off the Sina and to his ship.

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Chapter 4 : True Friends are Hard to Find

Nalleo, Dario, Funghi

Knocking could be heard on Yuu's door. A soft voice coming from the outside whispered between the knocking sounds.
"Yuu?" said a sweet young voice. "Yuu...Do you mind taking the commander his meal? Just come to the kitchen."

Yuu got out of bed slowly looking around his room. The lone candle on his table almost burnt down to the holder. Bandages stained with blood laid ontop of the table as well. He put on his red headband and walked through the door and to the kitchen.
"Good morning Funghi." Yuu said as he walked into the kitchen lightly rubbing the back of his head. "How are you doing?" "I'm good thank you."
Funghi looked back at Yuu with a relieved smile. "How about yourself? You've had it hard for the last few days, I mean you was in acoma that is." She placed a glass of water on the food tray.
"I'm fine now." Yuu picked up the tray of food and smiled. "I guess I just needed a little sleep."
"A little sleep!? That was a full two days worth of sleep." she chuckled and smiled bigger at Yuu. "If you ask me a few days ago I would have said you and the commander would never wake up."
"Well I'm going to take the try up to the commander." Yuu walked to the door and turned back to Funghi. "You take care kay?"
"I will don't you worry." Funghi laughed and went back to cleaning the dishes.

Yuu walked up the stairs and to the commanders room to the left. He leaned up to the door hearing the commander and Lady Katarina talking back and forth in almost a whisper.
"Um, Lady Katarina I brought the commanders food!" Yuu spoke up so they could hear from inside.
"Come in Yuu." Yuu openned the door and gave Lady Katarina the tray.
"Just the person I wanted to see." smiled the Glene with almost a look of relief. "How are your injuries?"
"They are doing better." Yuu stepped closer to Glene's bed. "But I'm more concerned about you."
"My wounds have healed as well but I am still a bit sore." Glene stretched a little.
"Well you both need to take it easy today." Lady Katarina sat the tray down on the intable next to the bed. "Yuu why don't you go look around. I know they had not let you out of your room until your wounds healed."
"That's a good idea." Yuu started to walk back to the door. "I'll go see if Snowe would like to join me in a small walk."
"If I was you I wouldn't mention anything about the naval battle the other day around him."warned Glene as he gave Yuu a serious look. "He is still a little frustrated about that."
"Okay I will try to avoid that in all our conversations." Yuu nodded and walked out the door.
"Do you think anything will change between those two?" Lady Katarina handed Glene the glass of water.
"I don't know." sighed Glene. "I only hope they can look each other in the eyes."
"Hey Yuu." Snowe looked up the stairwell up at Yuu with a half smile. "Are you heading into town?"
"Yeah I was about to go for a walk." Yuu smiled at Snowe as he walked up to him. "Want to come along?"
"Sure, I have to go get some mega medicine for commander Glene." Snowe replied as he openned the door to the Knight Hall.
"Hey lookie here." said one of the two knights that was on Glene's ship. "If it isn't Mr. Crybaby."
"Hey!" Snowe stepped forward staring the knight down. "If you don't stop I-I'll~.."
"You're going to go whine to your daddy how your arm hurts!" laughed the other knight.
"Hey guys back off!" Yuu stepped infront of Snowe putting his arm across, making the knights step back in shock.
"You're no fun." sighed the knights as they walked off.
"They didn't have to say stuff like that." Yuu looked back at Snowe placing a hand on his shoulder. "You're not like that at all."
"It's okay." Snowe brushed off what they said with an optomistic smile. "Let's head to the shop and get some medicine."
"Welcome Master Snowe." Smiled a young lady at the counter. "Your mega medicine is in that you ordered." She handed Snowe a small pouch of herbs.
"Thank you miss." Snowe placed the potch on the table and walked out. "Have a good day."
"Hey isnt that the knight who saved commander Glene and defeated the Great Pirate Brandeau?!" loudly whispered one of the local gossip women pointing at Yuu and standing aways from Yuu and Snowe.
"Who is he?" asked a younger looking woman standing with her.
"Isn't he the adopted Son of Vingerhut?" said the older woman. "What was his name again....?"
"His name is Yuu." Said a fisherman passing by over hearing what they are talking about. "He is the commander of the Sina."

Snowe looked down at the pouch of medicine and back up to the gossipers. Yuu noticed Snowe's uneasy feeling and he wanted to talk to him and comfort him but he didn't know what to say. He didn't do anything for all this, he knew he had just done what he felt was right. He didn't mean for all this to burden Snowe. Snowe looked up and smiled as bright as he could trying to hide how ashamed he felt.
"Um...Yuu." Snowe handed Yuu the pouch.
"Yeah Snowe?" Yuu took the pouch slightly confused but willingly.
"Can you deliever this to the commander?" Snowe slightly staggered his words the look on his face almost as if he was sick. "I just remembred some stuff I have to do."
"Sure..." Yuu started to walk to the gate to the Knight Hall. "I'm heading back anyway."
"Thank you so much." Snowe turned around and started walking to the castle.
"I wish there was something I could do to make him feel better." Yuu whispered to himself as he watched Snowe walk.

He kicked stray rocks up the pathway leading to the castle his walk staggered and weak you could tell alot was on his mind. Yuu decided it was best to just leave Snowe alone for awhile. He walked up to the Knight Hall spotting another green feather laying on the ground. This one slightly smaller than the last one he had seen. He walked into the Hall and up to the commanders room. Gently knocking on the door he waited for Lady Katarina to call out to him.
"Who is it?" her voice almost at a whisper.
"It's Yuu." Yuu replied through the door. "Snowe asked me to deliever a package."
"What is it?" Lady Katarina openned the door and looked at the small pouch in Yuu's hand.
"It's mega medicine." Yuu handed Lady Katarina the pouch. "Snowe had it delievered to the port town."
"Wow he must be trying to redeem himself." Lady Katarina walked over to Glene's bed side and placed the medicine on the table.

A loud crack hit the dock the after sound exploded like a wind storm. Lady Katarina and Yuu runs to the window look out to the docks to see pirate ships sitting out at sea.
"What is going on?!" Glene leans up in the bed shouting to Yuu.
"It's pirates sir!" Lady Katarina looked back at Glene with slight panic.
"Yuu get Snowe and fight off those pirates!" Glene looked at Yuu sternly as Yuu saluted. "You will command the Sina and Snowe can take my ship!"
"Aye aye commander!" Yuu ran out the door and met up with Snowe halfway down the stairs. "Snowe get a crew and get aboard the commander's ship. I'm taking charge of the Sina."
"Why do you get to command the Sina?" Snowe looked back at Yuu with jealousy. "Why can't I?"
The sounds of the cannons firing and hitting the docks kept getting louder and louder the wind breaking the glass on the window near Yuu.
"It's commander's orders Snowe." Yuu jumped down to the bottom of the stairwell and looked up at Snowe standing in the broken glass.
"But I want to command the Sina!" Snowe ran down to Yuu.
"Snowe now is not the time to argue. If we don't get rid of the pirates out at sea now, they could come ashore and kill more people in the town!" Yuu looked at Snowe with serious but begging eyes hoping he would understand.
"Your right. I'll take command of the commander's ship and you will command the Sina." Snowe and Yuu nodded and ran out to the docks.
"Commander what should I do?" asked Lady Katarina as she walked over to the commander.
"Secure the land squad and...Ahhhh~!" Glene grabbed his let hand in pain.
"Commander!?" Lady Katarina held onto the commanders arm and looked around for the medicine.
"Just go!" Glene's voice deep and stern making Lady Katarina back off.
"Yes commander." Lady Katarina bowed and walked to the door. "But commander the mediine is on the table."

Lady Katarina walked out the door leaving Glene alone in the room. The sound of tourchered souls could be heard from his hand a light orange-red glow shinned from it. The eerie sounds became louder with each explosion outside.
"What do you want?!" Glene rocked back and forth in his bed his breathing matching the scream of pain from the Rune.

"Looks like they have fire and wind rune shells Yuu." Keneth saluted as he explained the situation.
"Okay then we will use fire as well." Yuu looked farther out to sea at the ships. "If we can't deflect the shells back at them the least we can do is neutrilize it."
"Aye aye sir!" Keneth ran down below to ready the cannons.
"Whatever you do don't let them come aboard the ship!" Shouted Yuu as they pushed farther away from the docks Snowe following suit.
"I told you I wouldn't forget this!" shouted a pirate on board the flag ship.
"Hey aren't you the guy we beat up?!" shouted Jewel from the crow's nest.
"I've had enough of you stupid kids! Fire!" the pirate stomped around like a kid.
"Hey, I'm the captain aboard this ship. I make the orders around here." said a short chubby pirate. "Well anyway Fire!"

The two ships shot wind rune shells at the Sina. Yuu waited til the shells got halfway to the peak of the shot.
"Fire!" Keneth aimed for both cannons and fired off two cannons intercepting the wind shells.

Both shots defelcted back at the pirate ships causing a huge twister at the intercepting point. One of the shells flew back to the flag ship damaging the stern and the other sank the commanding ship. Snowe's fleet shot a fire cannon at the third pirate ship sinking it as well.
"Oh no! Retreat!" Shouted the captain of the flagship. "I the Great Dario will not forget this!"
"Go after them and fire!" commanded Snowe.
"But sir~..." saluted one of the knights.
"I'm the captain what I say goes." Snowe stood firm and the knight gave in and went down below deck.
"Father.." a young boy nudged Dario. "One of the Knight's ships are coming at us."
"Well let's turn around and fire Nalleo!" Dario commanded as the ship started to turn around back at Snowe.
"Yuu the enemy ship is turning and Snowe is heading right into their attack!" Jewel warned as she jumped down from the nest.
"Move forward! We can't let Snowe get himself hurt!" Yuu ran over to the sails and started to loosen the rope making the Sina move towards the intercepting point.
"What the other ship is moving forward too. We need to retreat for now!" commanded Dario as his ship turned away for good this time.
"Yuu..." whispered Snowe as he looked over at Yuu with rage. "Why do you always come to rescue me?"
"Snowe, you are not suppose to leave the front line!" Glene punched Snowe in the face once again.
"" Snowe slightly rubbed where he got hit and looked at Glene with shame. "It won't happen again sir."
"As for you." Glene looked over at Yuu. "You did the right course of action by moving up to help your teammate." Glene looked over at Snowe with the corner of his eyes. "You are dismissed Snowe." Snowe saluted and walked slowly and shamefully out the door. "Thank you again for going after Snowe." Glene sat down on his bed with a sigh. "With the way he is acting right now who knows what might of happened." He looked back up at Yuu. " are dismissed."

Yuu saluted once more and walked out of the door. Snowe was still standing outside of the door a look of anger upon his face.
"Why!?" Snowe reached up and grabbed Yuu by the shoulders of his jacket. "Why do you get all the credit?!" Snowe cried shaking Yuu in frustration. "Why do people like you so much!?"

Yuu couldn't understand what is upsetting Snowe so much. He didn't ask for all this to happen. He stood there speechless for words. Not knowing what he could say to calm Snowe down. Snowe saw the innocence in Yuu's eyes. He realized that he didn't ask for any of this fame. He let his grip go and took a few steps back trying to shake how he acted.
"I-I'm s-sorry, just forget....just forget everything I said just now." Snowe apologized as he quickly walked down the stairs.
"I really wish I knew how to help relieve Snowe of his stress..." thought Yuu to himself as he walked down the stairs and into his room. "Only thing I can do now is get some rest and hope everything is alright in the morning."

Yuu laid his headband down on the table and sat down on his bed. Laying his head down gently he drifted off into a deep sleep. His dreams filled with his past. A woman outline slowly came into view the face faded her figure covered in a white robe. Her voice soft and faded she spoke " darling...and my child..." The wind like voice quickly turned from soft to terrified as she screamed, shaking Yuu awake in a sweat.
"What was that...who's voice was that...?" Yuu said trying to catch his breath.
"Sir Yuu, would you mind taking the commander his breakfast?" Funghi's voice could be heard just outsideYuu's door. "I'll place the tray on the hallway table."
"Of course Funghi. I'll do that at once." Yuu stood up and strung his headband through his hair and quickly placing his belt losely on his waist.

After walking out of the door the food was sitting there waiting for Yuu to take up to the commander. As Yuu walked to the commander's room the smell of beef stew made him hungry his stomach growling. He lightly chuckled at the sound and quickly walked up the rest of the stairs. Once at the door he could hear Lady Katarina talking.
"Katarina, I brought the commander's breakfast." Yuu spoke up and took a step back from the door.
"Come in Yuu. Just the person I was wanting to talk to." Shouted Glene through the door as Katarina openned the door for Yuu.
"Thank you Katarina. Commander it's beef stew this morning." Yuu said as he handed the tray to Katarina and closed the door.

Snowe looked around the stair well wall towards the commander's room. His face showing distrust and couriosity. Walking up the rest of the steps he spoke under his breath "I wonder what they are talking about...." he walked up to the door lightly pressing his ear up against it trying to hear every word.
"Commander I really think you should take it easy today." suggested Yuu as he stepped towards the commander's bedside.
"You too boy?" Glene bellowed as he laughed. "Katarina here has been trying to keep me bed ridden."
"Commander, I'm just concerned for your health. Besides the sparrows haven't came back. Meaning there is no reports of pirates in the area. Today would be a fine day to relax." replied Katarina standing next to Glene.
"I suppose. For now I need to eat!" Glene said eagerly holding his hands out for the tray of food.
"Oh right!" Katarina quickly handed over the food. "I'm sorry sir."
"It's alright." Glene smiled with slight amusement at her confusion. Just as the commander started to dip the bread in the stew an explosion was heard from the docks.
"What was that!" Yuu quickly ran to the window and looked out. A dozen Pirate ships floating just outside the port was bombarding the town with shells while another dozen boarded the docks.
"I don't understand. The sparrows hadn't came back. There shouldn't be any~" Katarina started to panic and looked at Yuu with great concern. Yuu looked up out the window and seen an emerald green bird flying above a small sparrow in it's beak.
"It appears they went for the sparrows..." Yuu explained as he pulled the two feathers out of his pouch. "I saw these feathers when Mr. Ramada asked for an escourt."
"It's because of what I said that one time..." Katarina cried into her hands. She quickly regained her composser and turned to the commander. "Commander, what am I to do?!"
"Hurry! Prepare our forces we must get them out of the land. Our only chance is out at sea!" commanded Glene stood up out of bed. "I also have a favor to ask. Do not let anyone enter the hall for the time being. Do you understand?"
"Yes sir!" both Katarina and Yuu saluted and ran to the door. When they openned it Snowe practicely fell forward. "Snowe what are you doing here?" asked Yuu looking at Snowe curiously.
"I-It looks like there is big trouble outside. I-I just came to inform the commander about it." replied Snowe as he struggled to find an excuse for ease dropping.
"We know Snowe." Katarina gave Snowe a firm look. "But nevertheless this is perfect timing. I'd like for you two to gather your crew and prepare for battle."
"Yes ma'am!" saluted Snowe and Yuu as they ran downstairs with her taking their seperate ways shortly after.

Yuu and Snowe ran out into the court yard where Jewel, Tal, Keneth and Paula looked ready for battle. Their runes glew brilliantly from their eagerness to jump into the battlefield. Once together they quickly protected themselves with Clay Guardian and ran out the gate door. Quickly meeting Katarina and the Knights struggling to stay alive. Paula immidately casted her water rune healing them followed by a quick cast of her lightning rune to force the pirates back.
"Let's go!" Katarina exclaimed as she regained her strength.

Everyone charged the pirates one after another. For every pirate that fell it seemed like two reappeared. The fight seemed endless and went on for hours. The cannons striking the town seemed to be getting slower as the pirates started weakening. They kept pushing through casting their runes to push them further and further from the gates to protect as many villagers as they could. Soon the Clay Guardian barrier fell off them making it harder to push through. After another half an hour of fighting they finally dwendled the pirates down to a few but could see more reinforcements coming in the horizon.
"Damn it! There's still tones of pirates out at sea!" panted Tal as he pulled his sword out of a pirate.
"Stop whining and com'on!" Katarina quickly casted healing waters on the group.
"Looks like they are going to fire directly at us!" Tal pointed out at the ships turning to aim.

Glene walked up the stairs leading to the roof. The bright sun almost blinding him as he walked through the doorway. The look of dread and concern spread across his face as he stepped to the edge of the fort. The rune on his left hand shined bright crimson and whipsered into his thoughts.
"If this saves the boy then it's my only choice. He's Razril's last hope..." Glene whispered under his breath. A small tear fell down his right cheek "Goodbye Yuu."

Glene raised his hand into the air. The bright cloudless sky quickly darkened filling the knights and pirates hearts full of depression. Black clouds as thick as smoke surrounded the castle. The light engulfed the tower and a beam of light shot up into the sky. The screams of hundred people could be heard all the way to the battle field. The ships out at sea quickly turned to ash as crimson lightning struck the hulls. The pirates tried to flee but quickly turned to ash as they ran. The light seemed as if it only wanted the pirates souls and restored the life of the knights. Great fires broke out at sea. The groans and moans of the spirits dying could be heard even at the docks. It started rainning causing the waves to become choppy.
"Retreat! Retreat at once!" shouted Dario as the remaining pirate fleet fleed the carnage.
"W-What was that light just now?" said Jewel as she staired out at sea in amazement.
"I seen that before..." Yuu quickly ran into the gates and towards where the light came from.
"Yuu! Come back here!" commanded Katarina. But Yuu didn't listen and kept running. "Stubborn boy." she sighed as she quickly went to heal the remaining survivers.

Yuu quickly ran past Funghi not even glancing at her and up the stairs. Skipping several stairs at a time and jumping over the collapsed walls. His thoughts only on getting to Glene he didn't even notice how exhausted he had become. He finally made it to the top of the tower to see Glene clenching to the wall. His breathing very staggered and hard, he looks over at the door to see Yuu.
"I told you not to come...!" Glene sadly said. Tears falling down his face at the sight of Yuu. They could clearly seen through the rain. "This fate was never to be yours...I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you my boy."

The rune on his hand started to glow once again only fainter this time. Glene collapsed from the pain. Yuu quickly ran over to Glene and tried to hold him up. The light started to shine on Yuu's left hand and disappeared off Glene's. Snowe ran up and through the door.
"Commander! What's happening!? What's wrong!?" Snowe ran over to Yuu and Glene in fright. Yuu collapsed into a light coma. The commander next to him. "Y-You! D-Did you do something to him!?" Snowe Knelt down and shook Yuu. "He's not responding..." The commander slightly moved and grabbed onto Snowe's wrist.
"Tell Yuu...he's now the..." Glene tried to speak but started to turn to ash. His voice fading away with his body.
"AHHHH! What the hell!" Snowe freaked out and shook his hand free of Glene, ash falling from his wrist. He quickly crawled backwards towards the door just as some knights showed up.
"What's happening?" commanded one of the knights.
"T-The commander is dead! He collapsed right infront of me!" explained Snowe with panic. "And then he vanished!"
"What!? Who did this?" said another knight with his hand on his sword.
"It was him!" Snowe pointed a quivering finger to Yuu collapsed a few feet away. "He did this to the commander!"
"Understood he will be contained at once." replied the knights as they picked Yuu up and carried him downstairs.

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Re: Dayst's Stories

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Chapter 5: A Start of a Destiny

Colton, Troy

Yuu openned his eyes, or so he thought. The only thing he could see was darkness. His body limp and cold. Moving his head to look right his eyes began to focus. A blury muilty colored light shined at a distance away. He noticed his hand laying infornt and tried to move it. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't lift his hand. After trying again and again he managed to clench his hand. His hearing that was once muted became clear. He could hear quiet moans of pain coming from the light.
"Ugh, where am I?" he thought to himself as he tried to move the rest of his body. Then out of the moans he heard a voice, a males voice.
"Rakgi, take care of your mother." warmly said the voice. A small shadow of a young boy crying in his fathers arms appeared out of the light.
"Okay father I will..." cried the young boy holding his father even harder than before.
"I'll see you later. Be careful." replied the man a tear falling from his face as he let go of the boy and walked away, causing the images to disappear.

Yuu managed to get his body to move. He slowly stood up and started to limp to the light as he held his left arm.
"Where is this? Who was that father and son?" Yuu whispered under his breath. Then a woman appeared a short distance infront of Yuu. Her face filled with sadness.
"Rakgi..." the woman walked right through Yuu. The sadness and depression filled Yuu's heart. He turned around to see her holding Rakgi by the shoulders. Looking at him with love. "Looks like.." the woman lowered her head and cried.
"What is it mommy?" said Rakgi looking up at his mom in confusion. "Why are you crying?"
"Daddy won't make it back.." the woman tightly huged Rakgi crying into his shirts.

The look of Rakgi's face was in almost disbelief and on the brink of tears. The images faded away into the darkness. Yuu looked ahead and saw the light shinning brighter. He decided the best thing to do would be to walk closer. The walk seemed to last forever. His left hand hurting more and more with each step he took to the light. After reaching the light he didn't know what would happen, but he reached his left hand out to it nevertheless. Just before his finger tips touched the origion of the light the mans voice rang out again.
"Please...kill me..." the voice sounded in pain. "Put me out of my misery..." The light quickly transformed into the man from before. Only dragging his cripped body towards Yuu begging for mercy.
"Why? Why do you want to die? What about your family?" Yuu reached out a hand to help the man. But instead of the mans hands, his twin blades appeared. "What is this?"
"Please, I don't want to feel this pain any longer." the shadow figure grabbed Yuu's ankle.

A flash of light shinned before Yuu's eyes. Showing images of the man out at sea enjoying a sunny day fishing with his crew. Another flash appeared showing an image of a kracken attacking the ship killing all the crew members and sinking the small boat. The flash shown once more of the man telling another shipmate to escape and tell his wife what is about to happen. Shortly after the man raised his left hand and the crimson light shinned bright and ended the vivid images. Yuu looked down at the man his face filled with agony. Not knowing if this is real or just a dream. His eyes matched the mans. His eyes filled with the same emotions he seen in Glene's. A tear started to trickle down Yuu's face as he took his blades and stabbed down on the man, just like he wished.
"Thank you, kind soul. I can now rest in peace." the man slowly lifted his body enough to sit on his knees. "Tell Rakgi I love him and to take care of his mother."
"I will sir..." Yuu promised not knowing if he could ever keep it.
"Rakgi my son. Rikie my love...someday...we'll be together again." the man looked up at Yuu with almost a loving smile. "I promise you." the image turned into ash and floated away into the abyss beyond.

Everything disappeared including the light. Yuu looked around trying to see anything besides darkness. His body starting to go numb once more, the moans fading away as his hearing started to fade. Falling to his knees he tried hard to move his body but failed. He quickly fell to the ground as his eyes shut. After several minutes Yuu could hear familiar voices, unsure if he was back to his reality or not. Could these voices be all a dream like the others before? He thought as he managed to gain his hearing back enough to make out what was being said.
"Are you saying that Yuu killed Sir Glene?" said a voice he reconised very well. It was his adopted father Lord Vingerhut.
"Is this true, Snowe?" said woman which sounded like Katarina in disbelief. "What exactly did you see?"
"Snowe, I know that you're a smart lad." voiced Lord Vingerhut agian. "Now pull yourself together and tell us what happened to the commander."
"The commander was down when I arrived." replied Snowe. "The Yuu collapsed, too. I was too late...."
"Well, did you hear that vice commander Katarina?" smerked Lord Vingerhut. "It appears that a quarrel of some sort occurred between him and the commander."
"B-But the commander was not the one to fight with Yuu." defended Katarina. "He always treated him with the most respect."
"Hmmm." Lord Vingerhuts voice became slightly cold. "Then perhaps he was not satisfied with just that."
"Yuu..?" Katarina sounded as if she was lost to find words. "But how could this be?!"
"It's clear that Yuu expected special treatment from the commander. Perhaps that explains why Snowe was sent on that dangerous mission."

The voices faded as if they moved out from infront of the door. Yuu couldn't believe that his best friend Snowe would believe he would ever do such a thing. He knew he didn't kill Glene. He was there he knew that he could never do that to their commander. His face filled with rage and sadness for he knew what laid ahead of him. He knew what his fate was to be. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep. Several minutes when by and he couldn't get the conversation out of his head. Then just outside the door in the hallway he could hear Knights talking.
"He should've been satisfied with being a Knight. Not to mention all the recent fame." said one Knight to the other.
"Yeah, how ungreatful..." said the other Knight. "He was lucky to have been taken in at all. If it wasn't for Lord Vingerhut adopting him he would be another orphin."
"It seems we had more to fear from our comrades than from the pirates." smerked the Knight. Yuu managed to roll over and looked at his twin blades shining in the candle light on the table.
"Hey, come to thin of it, commander Glene was injured during the incident with the escort ship as well." said one of the Knights as they stopped walking for a second at that remark. "maybe the same kind of thing happened then, too. What do you think?"

Yuu looked at his left hand and noticed the rune that had been on Glene was now on his hand. He laid his head back down to get more rest but before he could even close his eyes there was a knock at his door. Yuu sat up in his bed.
"I'm coming in." Katarina said as she openned the door and stood next to his bed side. Tears falling down her face as she tried to look as serious as she could. "We have sttled on your punishment."
"I know Katarina..." Yuu looked up at her his eyes meeting hers. She looked away.
"You will be exiled from the kingdom." she said clenching her hands "You will be cast out to sea, and you are never to return to Gaien."
"Yes commander." Yuu looked down at his feet accepting his punishment.
"You will depart tomorrow. Until then, you are confined to your quarters." she continued looking at Yuu's hands that had been shaking in a clench the entire time.
"I did not kill the commander!" Yuu shouted as he hit his hands to his knees. He looked up at Katarina trying to cling onto some hope that it would change things.
"D-Don't make this harder than it is, Yuu." Katarina sighed as she walked to the door. "I know you would not try to escape, but I must lock this room until tomorrow morning." Yuu slouched back into his bed after realising he couldn't change anything. "It's nothing personal. I'm sorry, but you should be grateful that you aren't to be beheaded." Katarina walked out the door and shortly after locked it.

Yuu laid back on his pillow not sure if he would be able to sleep with all that's happened. He never would have thought that all this could happen. He always thought he would be fighting for Razril as a commander someday but now he is to never return to the Gaien. He didn't get any sleep that night. When he thought it was about the time he needed to go he stood up and walked to his dresser. Taking out a sleeveless leather vest accented with crimson red that matched his long headband. He put on his dark tan undershorts and shirt. Sitting down in the near by chair and wrapped his feet up to his middle calf with bandages to protect his feet from his shoes. Reaching into the lower drawr of his dresser he found the pair of shorts and belt that matched his vest. After getting his shorts and belt on fittingly he picked up the diamond plate Snowe bought him. Thinking of the betrayal of Snowe reflected in the low shine of the plate. Even though he hated the plate now he thought it would be a good idea to take it along. He placed the plate over his chest followed by his vest. He walked over to the desk by his door and grabbed his leather shoes with an iron plate on the toes. Quickly putting on his shoes he placed his fingerless leather gloves on. The gloves gave his palm grip on his blades but allowed his fingers to easily move the blades around for quick swift movements.

"Yuu." Paula's voice could be heard outside the door. "We are coming in to say goodbye." Paula and Tal came walking through the door. Their faces filled with sadness and almost lost for words. Paula reached out and grabbed Yuu's hands. "I...believe in your innocence."
"Have faith...we will prove to them you hadn't done anything." Tal replied placing a hand on his right shoulder. There was a light knock on the door.
"When he's ready, please escort him to the harbor." sternly said Katarina through the door. Her footsteps could be heard walking away shortly after.
"I'm ready." Yuu said moving his hands from Paula's.
"Are you sure?" Tal asked a little concerned.
"Yes. Don't worry...I'll find away to come back." replied Yuu his eyes meeting theirs.

They walked out the door and walked slowly out the gates. The morning was dark and cold. Rain fell from the sky as if it never stopped since yesterday. The flowers once shinned brilliant now dead, burnt and trampled on from the ambush. Rubble still laying along the docks showing the damage. The villagers stood around pointing at Yuu and whispering amoung themselves. Yuu over heard a few things being said he tried hard to keep his head up without shame but his hands clenched from anger.
"Isn't that Snowe's brother?" said a woman to a man.
"Yes." whispered the man back. "I still believe for such an act he should lose his head."
"Lord Vingerhut proposed to do that but Snowe argued for exile." a fisherman butted in. "I heard the Vingerhuts only tolerated the boy because they found him wondering the streets in rags when he was a child."
"His father must have been a pirate. That's the only explination of these actions." said a man further in the crowd.
"I heard his mother was killed by the father and he left the boy to die." replied an old woman next to the man.

After reaching the docks Yuu got aboard the Sina for the last time. The ship sat out to sea and shortly after Katarina walked up to Yuu. She stood there with a bandana and a look of grief on her face. Without saying a word she tied the bandana around Yuu's eyes and gave him a light hug. She walked away leaving a barrel for Yuu to sit on if he wishes. The boat swad back and forth in the gentle waves. The air smelled and felt musty not like they had the last time he set sail. After an hour sailing they lowered the anker. At that point Yuu untied the bandana and stepped to a small boat tied on the side of the Sina.
"This is as far as we go." Katarina walked up to Yuu and took the cloth from him. "I'm sorry for having to blind you, but it's the rule of Gaien."
"It's alright, I understand." Yuu looked at Katarina with the last hope she would change her mind.
"It's time." she motioned him to the small ship. Yuu gave out a sigh and a small yet depressed smile.
"Yes ma'am." Yuu gave her one last salute and stepped into the boat. The boat lowered into the water. And Yuu looked up at Katarina.
"If fortune favors you, it's possible you may be picked up by a passing ship. Commander Glene trusted you. I don't understand why it had to come to this. Was that trust misplaced? What was it?" Shouted Katarina down to Yuu through the foggy mist. Tears started to fall from her face. "Fare thee well. I never imagined that we would lose you like this..." she looked down at her hands then quickly wiped away her tears. "Alright, prepare to sail."

Yuu watched the Sina sail away. Tears falling from his face. Only he seemed to realise what had truely happened. It seemed like all his friends he had made these past years besides Paula and Tal betrayed him. The place he grew up his whole life now despises him. There was nothing more to do but watch his ship sail away in the thick fog.
"Vice commander, you should go get some rest. You seem tired." said a Knight saluting Katarina.
"Yes, I suppose I should." sighed Katarina.
"Having Snowe as our new commander seems somehow..." continued the Knight.
"Commander Glane once said...there will be times when I cannon gainsay him." said Katarina remembering the commanders words.
"My sympathies." replied the Knight. "I'll take my leave now."
"My sympathies? Who could possibly understand what I am feeling inside?" Katarina slowly openned the door to the lower decks.

Yuu sat on the small barca ship just staring where he last seen the Sina. Not knowing where to go from here. There was enough food for a week at best and fresh water for two. The only thing he could hope for was a breeze to catch his sail and take him to land, if he could find it. As he thought through everything that's happened since he graduated a loud crash was heard from behind him followed by a low groan from pain. He quickly stood up and spun around with his hands on his swords ready to fight.
"Owww" said the voice "My legs are killing me!" Keneth crawled out from under a tarp. "I think I strained something."
"W-What are you doing here?" Yuu relaxed and started walking to Keneth to help him out.
"He's not the only one." Jewel said happily as she walked out from behind the tarp. "We thought we'd tag along for the ride."
"Com'on lets row towards land." said Keneth as he took Yuu's hand to stand up.
"We brought oarswith us." said Jewel as she walked to the back of the small boat. "See? They're right back here..." a loud movement sound came from a nearby box. "Whoa!"
"What's wrong?" Keneth ran over to Jewel.
"I heard something." they walked closer to the box. It broke open and someone fell out of it.
"Whoa!" all of them shouted from being startled.
"Oh, it's Chiepoo the Kabool that works in town." said Yuu as he reached down to help him up.
"Meow...Thank you." Chiepoo took Yuu's hand with gratitiude.
"Why are you on this ship Chiepoo?" asked Yuu.
"I've been hitching rides on ships to various kingdoms to see the world." explained Chiepoo excitingly.
"You know~" Jewel started to explain but was intrupted by Chiepoo.
"Oh, you don't have to preach about life being so tough for someone young like me. Besides, I'm going to become a great merchant someday.
You have to endure some hardships to achieve your dreams. So where is this ship heading?" Chiepoo finished his speech with a big grin.
"This ship was sent adrift due to special circumstances." explained Keneth. "At the very least, we can never return to Gaien Kingdom."
"Oh, I...I see.." the smile quickly disappeared off Chiepoos face. "So, this ship is for exiles then. But we have to go somewhere, r-right?"
"Yeah you're right about that." replied Yuu trying to grasp onto hope.
"Well let's start rowing." said Keneth with enthusiasm as he got the oars.

They started to row the small ship since the night air provided no wind. The rain stopping after a few short minutes as if the sea gods had been looking over them. The night air soft yet still humid from the mist. Only the sky above them could be seen, revealing hundreds of bright brilliant stars. Even though he spent plenty of nights out at night he never seen something so beautiful. Looking around on the hull he seen Keneth and Jewel rowing the ship with them but Chiepoo sat on a small box near the bow of the ship. It appeared he had caught a fish and was nawing at it. The sight of this human like cat eating a fish amused him making a small almost unheard laugh creep out of his mouth. He smiled at the thought that not everyone hated him and that the only friend who betrayed him was his own brother. The only thing that would make it perfect is if none of it had ever had to happen.
"Oh I can see a light over there!" exclaimed Jewel as she pointed off to the bow.
"This will be bad if they're pirates." Keneth replied as he looked over at Yuu.

Aboard the ship a young man with black hair stood next to an olderman. A merchant aboard their ship ran over and without hessitation inturupted their conversation.
"Sir, a small suspicious vessel has been spotted on the port side." the merchant explained almost out of breath.
"Hmmm..." the oldman spoke up. "A small vessel? Could it be an enemy scout?"
"Actually, it doesn't appear to be a scout." replied the merchant. "It seems to be adrift. Shall we go ahead and secure it?"
"Lets watch it for awhile, but make sure everyone's prepared." commanded the old man. "We may need to defend ourselves."
"Yes sir!" saluted the merchant as he ran off to inform the others.
"This is suprisingly well armed for just a merchant ship." said the young man to the old man.
"I was merely being prudent." explained the old man. "I have been assertive since the day I was born. If that offended you, Captain, please forgive me."
"They seem to be approaching us." noticed the captain. "Listen to me, Colton. Keep acting like a merchant for a little while longer. If we end up engaging in combat, I will take command."
"Yes, sir! I understand." saluted and bowed Colton.

As Yuu and the others rowed closer and closer to the ship they stopped just a short distance from it. Looking up at the ship only trade goods could be seen and normal sails mounted as well. It's a fairly large ship compaired to the Sina but that's normal for a trade ship as apose to the battle ships of Razril.
"Looks like an ordinary merchant ship." said Keneth in relief. "Man, we're lucky."
"Maybe I can convinec them to take me aboard." Chiepoo said excitingly.
"You can sail with them or us." Jewel said as she turned to Chiepoo. "It's your decision."

The merchant ship crashed into the small barca ship causing the barca to stop in its tracks. Colton lowered a ladder for them to climb up. After getting aboard the merchant ship Colton looked them all once over. Realizing they are of no threat he decided to speak up.
"What may I ask are you doing out here in the middle of th ocean at this hour?" he looked at Yuu.
"Where is this ship heading?" asked Chiepoo eagerly.
"I-Is there a harbor near here?" quickly asked Keneth.
"Could you share some of your food with us? Oh, but before we get to that, can we get a chart?" asked Jewel with a smile on her face.
"My stomach's grumbling. Some cheese would be nice." Chiepoo cried holding his stomach. "The fish earlier wasn't enough."
"Quiet! Quiet! You're giving me a headache! One at a time!" yelled Colton as he stomped on the hull. "I'll hear you out later. You all need to calm down!"
"I'm sorry sir." Yuu stepped forward and bowed. "I apologize for their actions. You see we've been set adrift and have to spare out food. We also have limited space to sleep. The past few days have been very hectic and everyone is a little edgy."
"Uh, ahem." Colton's eyes met Yuu's and realised the sincerity of his words. "Well, perhaps now's a good time to get some rest." his voice much calmer than earlier. "You can take my quarters for the night. There should be plenty of room for all of you. This way."
"Thank you sir." replied Yuu with gratitude as the motioned the others to follow him and Colton.
"I'll send some bread and meat down for you shortly after." Colton cleared his throat as he walked away from the room. The Captain walked into the room.
"I'm sure that you're all tired." he said with a warm smile. "Go ahead and get some rest. I'd also like it if you don't leave these quarters til my crew members give the okay."
"Understood." said all of them as they rested in two hammocks and bed. A young merchant walked in with a tray of meat and bread. Quickly eating the food they fell into a deep sleep just as fast.

Colton walked up to the bow of the ship. He looked at the Captain. Realizing that he is staring at something in the horizon he looked out. A small light along the sea could be seen amoung the stars. It appeared to be another ship.
"They're here early." sighed the Captain.
"It doesn't matter." comforted Colton. "The lad and his crew have fallen into a deep sleep. Everything should still work according to plan."

The ship traveled towards the ship in the distance. As they got closer the gentle sounds of the waves woke Yuu. He stretched a little bit and tried to get up out of the bed without waking Chiepoo. He laced his belt through the loops of his shorts and put his headband back on. Walking out the door he smelled the air. The smell of spices had filled the air in the short few hours he rested. He heard voices coming from around the corner so he walked closer so he could hear what was being said. When he peeked around the corner he saw the Captain and Colton talking to what looked like another merchant. Chiepoo followed by Keneth and Jewel walked up behind Yuu and startled him. He quickly motioned for them to be quiet as he leaned around the corner again to listen.
"What happened? You arrived ahead of schedule." questioned the Captain.
"Sir, there was a disturbance at a nearby island and we came to report it." explained the merchant.
"Where is it in enemy territory?" asked Colton.
"Yes sir." replied the merchant. "A group of pirates apparently attacked the Knights at the village of Razril in Gaien."

Keneth moved at the words of the merchant causing a barrel to fall. The crash was loud enough that Yuu was sure the others had heard. He quickly withdrew his head from the corner to be kept from being seen. Hope the others would think it had just been a rat.
"You there!" shouted the Captain in their direction. "Come out!"

Yuu realised that the best thing to do would be to explain everything. At this rate they could be killed if they resisted. He motioned for the others to walk out to the hull of the ship.
"Why were you spying?" asked the Captain.
"It didn't happen intentionally." explained Yuu. "I had stepped out for some fresh air and over heard the conversation."
"Where are you origonally from?" commanded the Captain. "In order for us to know why you listened we need to know your allience."
"Well sir, you see I am a former Knight of Gaien." answered Yuu. "I had been set to exile. These two followed me here, and Chiepoo as well."
"I see." said Colton the expression on his face turned serious. "So, you're all Knights of Gaien. How intresesting. Then I would assume that you're all prepared to face your fate?"
"I'm no Knight!" exclaimed Chiepoo.
"And Yuu said we are former. So we can never go back." explained Keneth.
"Arg! I have heard enough! I'll make sure that your clamoring stops!" Colton stomped around his face filled with anger. He turned to the Captain. "By your leave Captain?!"
"It doesn't matter." the Captain looked into Yuu's eyes. "Let them go. Besides, we shouldn't waste our time with these amateurs."
"But..." Colton looked at the Captain with great confusion. "Sir Troy!"
"Ultimately, they're just weaklings who cannot show their faces in their homeland. Forget about them. The sea will decide their fate." Troy looked at Yuu once more seeing the same image as he had with Glene ten years ago. "Now go before I change my mind."
"Thank you." Yuu bowed quickly and ran to the small ship they had arrived on. The others quickly followed.
"Now I'll be going to my quarters." Troy watched Yuu drift away from their ship.
"Understood." Colton watched Troy walk down into the hull. "The Captain certainly is spineless."

They rowed as fast as the could with the oars to get away. Not knowing if they would follow or stick by their word. Yuu's heart pounded in his chest. He had only heard stories of Troy but never thought he'd ever meet him. He hadn't even noticed who he was when he first boarded the ship. He had been completely different from the stories. The smile had been misleading and the hospitality didn't help. Troy couldn't be as heartless as everyone said. He had let them go free without even a second thought.
"They're not coming after us." Jewel sighed with relief. "We're safe."
"Troy..." Keneth relieved himself of his possition. "That's the Troy the Commander spoke about."
"Yeah, but he seemed different." replied Yuu as he walked over to the sails to lower them.
"I know what you mean. He didn't seem so evil as everyone makes him out to be. He just seems like another soldier to me." Keneth helped Yuu lower the sail and handle it to the wind.
"It appears the gods have blessed us with a nice breeze. We might be able to make it to land faster now." smiled Jewel as she sat on a near by barrel.

The ship rocked back and forth for several hours, the storm seeming to grow. The waves getting bigger and almost taller than the ship itself. Lightning occasionally lighting up the night sea. A giant wave started to head to their ship. As the wave got closer a Leviathan flew out of the water and jumped over their ship into the sea behind it.
"Ah! What's that!?" shouted Chiepoo hiding his head as the creature flew over the ship.
"It's a Leviathan! Prepare to defend yourselves!" Yuu commanded as he grabbed his blades and unshelthed them.

The Leviathan took its huge fins and used them to pull itself up on the star board side of the ship. It's massive body shot out of the water with the force of its fins. Its eyes fixed on Yuu. The Leviathan let out a loud screeching howl and pushed down on the ship. The ship tiled towards it.
"It's trying to sink us!" shouted Keneth as he grabbed onto Jewels hand to keep her from falling over.
"I'll take care of him. Just hold on guys!" Yuu shouted as he looked for a nearby rope.

Yuu threw the rope to Chiepoo and Keneth to hold onto. He jumped forward and stabbed the right fin of the Leviathan. It let out a great screech of pain as it quickly withdrew itself from the boat. Yuu struggled to his feet as the ship swong from side to side. The Leviathan jump out of the sea and slammed back down, causing a giant wave to engulf the ship. Knocked unconcious from the wave there was nothing more anyone could do they soon was at the mercy of the sea.

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Re: Dayst's Stories

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Chapter 6: Unknown Dangers


Once again Yuu found himself waking up in a possition even worse than before. He openned his eyes to the bright blue sky. The sound of crashing waves and seagulls could be heard in the distance. He tried to sit up his hand felt numb. After looking around he realised his hand hadn't became numb he was just laying on a beach. The sand fell around his hand and around his feet as he stood up. The light sea breeze flowing through his hair. He brushed the sand off his now dry cloths. He tried to make sense of everything and how long they had been on this beach. From how dry his cloth were it had been atleast a few hours. He looked over and noticed Keneth, Jewel, and Chiepoo laying not too far from where he had been.

"Keneth you awake?" Yuu walked over to Keneth and kicked his foot lightly.
"Oww hey watch it..." Keneth groaned and sat up. "Where are we?"
"Not sure. I just woke up." Yuu walked over to Jewel and shook her awake. "First things first, we gather up the supplies that survived the crash."
"I'll get right on that." replied Keneth as he kicked sand at Chiepoo startling him awake.
"I'll have a look around see if there is a town near by." said Yuu as he started to walk up a trail into the jungle.

Keneth and Jewel gathered up the supplies and set up a camp near the shipwreck incase anyone was to pass by. Chiepoo walked around the beach looking for coconuts and fish they could use for food. The sun seemed to be in their favor today, the skys had become almost crystal clear and the breeze was soothing. The light crash of waves calmed them down enough to gather their thoughts about what to do next.
The jungle was thick but it appeared to have a path cut into it. Maybe this ment there was a town near by. But those was only the hopeful thoughts of Yuu as he walked further up the mountian. Not knowing where he was going or what he would find he gathered some nice palm tree leaves they could use for drinking with and some logs for fire. After going to the top of the mountain he looked around. Sure enough they are now stranded on a desserted island. He gave out a sigh and gathered the stuff he had picked up. Walking down the path he could hear a light womans voice, not talking but singing. He wondered if that was Jewel.
"Hey Yuu! We got everything set up for the night." exclaimed Keneth with a huge smile on his face.
"Yeah I even set up a small shelter for us with the tarp and what was left of the sail." Jewel happily pointed to the small market style hut set up.
"Well did you find any towns Yuu?" Chiepoo ran up to Yuu and looked up him with his big cat eyes.
"Well, bad news guys. Looks like we are stranded on a desserted island." Yuu replied as he set the items near the shelter.
"What no!" Chiepoo exclaimed as he huddled down holding his head in panic.
"I'm sure someone will find us. Besides there is plenty of food on this island." Keneth looked back at the stock they had made soon realizing they had been missing one thing. "But...we don't have any drinking water."
"Yeah I couldn't find any water anywhere." replied Jewel.
"There is a cave over there. I'm sure there is water. I'll go look." Yuu started to walk over to a small cave with a barrle. "Oh and Jewel was you singing earlier?"
"No, not at all." replied Jewel with a curious look.
"Hmmm, okay nevermind then." Yuu smiled and turned around to the cave.

Yuu walked through the cave which seemed to go on forever. After feeling his way through most of it he could hear the singing agian. The voice seemed closer than it had while he was on the mountain. He walked closer and closer to it. The singing got louder and louder every step he took deeper into the cave. It sounded as if he was right next to the voice. He looked around the corner. A faint image of a young woman stood next to a luminating pond. Her body shimmered in the crystal like light. Her hair flowed down her back. The only thing unusual about her is it appeared her legs had scales and her wrist and ankles had fins. He stepped closer to her accidently kicking a small pebble. She turned around to see Yuu standing there. Taking a step back she quickly jumped into the water and disappeared.
"Who and what was she?" Yuu thought to himself. He walked to the edge of the water and filled the barrel. "Hmmm I guess I'll never know." He looked into the water trying to see her but decided to just leave the cave.
"Hey guys I brought fresh water." Yuu walked up to the camp site and sat the barrle down next to the food.
"Good job Yuu. I knew we could count on you to pull through." excitely said Chiepoo.
"Let's rest for now. Well figure out how to get off the island soon." replied Yuu.
"If we keep up this hard work we can say goodbye to this island in no time." Keneth said handing everyone a crisp fish.
"This is a beautiful island and all..." Jewel said looking up at the night sky. "But we should hurry up and get out of here."
"Hey Yuu..." Keneth looked over at Yuu with a spaced look. "I'm doing all this because I believe you. Killing the commander...? No there is just no way you could do such a thing. He was like a father figure to you."
"We'll get back to Razril..." replied Jewel. "No worries. We'll go together and clear your name."
"Thanks guys." Yuu took a bite of his fish. "I really appreciate it."

Everyone enjoyed their meal and shortly fell asleep. The night air drifting them off into a gentle slumber. The light from the fire slowly dwendling down to a low glow. For the first time in the past few days Yuu felt calm and relaxed. They woke with the morning sun rising above the sapphire sea. The rays catching on the waves causing a shimmer like the sun. Wiping the sand off his back Yuu stepped down onto the beach. Stretching while taking in a deep breath of the fresh air seemed almost natural.
"Good morning." Jewel said cheerfully from behind Yuu. Chiepoo sat in the background on a rock knawing on a fish.
"Oh." Yuu stopped stretching and looked over at Jewel. "Good morning."
"I figured by the end of the day we could get off the island." Jewel explained as she pointed to the seaweed that had pilled up on a near by rock. "We just need to turn that seaweed into roap and repair the ship."
"Well this island isn't so bad." Yuu smiled as he looked up at the mountain. "But I really don't want to stay here under these conditions."
"Hey, anyone want some toasted coconut for breakfast?" Keneth inturpted as he walked over with roasted coconut pieces on a palm leaf.
"Thanks." Yuu took a piece and started eating. "Well I'll gather the supplies needed for the ship when we set sail. I need you and Jewel to make rope, and I want Chiepoo to gather the remaining lumber from the ship. I'll gather the rest. I remember seeing an axe in one of the barrles. I'm sure it's still there."
"Yes sir!" Jewel and Keneth saluted and left to do their jobs.
"Y-Yes sir!" Chiepoo staggered to stand up and quickly saluted and followed the others.

Yuu started to walk up the mountain again gathering supplies as he walked. He quickly gathered stray pieces of lumber and leaves to mend the sail. As he walked down the mountain path he started to hear the singing. This time he knew it was the girl in the cave again. After making it back to the camp site he quickly put away the supplies and grabbed the barrle to get more water. After arriving to the spring he saw the girl standing again. This time she seen him right away but she didn't look frightened this time. Instead she smiled and looked like she held something in her hand. Her eyes bright like a sapphire in a shinning light. Her long blond hair gently flowing down her back.
"Y-You can have this..." she smiled and placed what was in her hand on the ground. Quickly turning around and diving into the water agian.
"Wait!" Yuu tried to yell for her but it was no good she was gone. He walked over to the item and discovered it was a pendent. It appeared to be water in a small container. The water shinned bright in the darkness. You looked at the spot she dove into. "Thanks...."

He placed the pendent around his neck and tucked it under the chest plate. Quickly filling up the barrle he walked out of the cave. He kept thinking to himself about the girl. It seemed like she was a mermaid. He couldn't understand why she only appeared in the cave and why she would give him such an item. Mermaids didn't trust anyone so why trust him with this pendent.
"Hey Yuu." Keneth said as him, Jewel and Chiepoo walked up to Yuu. "I was thinking, what was Troy doing there? I remember the commander warning us about him."
"They might be keeping an eye on Gaien." Yuu explained as he placed the barrle down at the campground. "After all, we've been rivals for several years."
"Yeah that would explain it." replied Keneth. "Kooluk never got along with Gaien, from what I remember. I hope all the Knights are okay."
"I wonder how Snowe's doing..." Jewel said quietly.
"So you really liked him, huh?" laughed Keneth placing a hand on Jewels shoulder.
"I-It's not like that!" Jewel exclaimed knocking Keneth's hand off her shoulder. Yuu stood there in silence staring at the ground. "I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't have mentioned him."
"No, it's okay." Yuu looked up and smiled. "I just wish things didn't turn out like this. I lost my best friend, you know?"
"Yeah I know, but I'm sure everything will be okay." Keneth patted Yuu on the back. "I'm sure he is wanting you back home."
"Yeah." Yuu nodded. "You're right."

They gathered up all the supplies and started to fix the ship. The sail mended by the seaweed and palm leaves. They wrapped palm leaves, clay and seaweed around the hull to patch up the holes. After making sure there was no holes they set the ship out with an anker to test if it would float. Since it had became sunset they decided it'd be best to travel in the morning. Enjoying one last night under the open stars on the soft sand they laughed and joked with each other til the sea drifted them off to sleep agian. Yuu on the other hand couldn't sleep. His mind still questioning the mermaids intentions. He wondered if she would be in the cave. Slowly walking through the now pitch black cave he managed to find his way to the glowing spring. A shadow figure stood on the edge of the water as if it had been waiting for someone. Yuu stepped closer trying to focus his eyes. The figure moved and a soft voice rang out.
"Y-You're not going to hit me?" asked the young mermaid. "You're not going to take my hide? You're not going to...kill me?"
"No, I would never do such a thing." Yuu stepped forward now able to see her.
"I feel I can trust you." she replied and placed another object on the ground. Soon after jumping back into the water.
"But I..." Yuu said reaching out but she had already gone. "..I wanted to know your name..."

He looked down to see a scale. It appeared to be a scale of hers. He pocketed the scale and walked out of the cave. The stars shinning brighter than ever. A splash was heard from the rocks near the camp site. He ran over to them looking thinking maybe it was her agian, only to find nothing there. He gave up looking for her and went to rest. After several minutes he managed to get to sleep.
"Hey Yuu!" Jewel shook Yuu awake in the early morning.
"Huh? What is it?" Yuu rubbed his head grogally and looked up a Jewel.
"It's Chiepoo. He's missing." Jewel continued.
"Yeah he mentioned something about small crabs and took off. I've looked all over and haven't been able to find him." Keneth looked past Yuu and seen something in the water coming to them. "H-Hey what's that?" Keneth pointed to the object. As it came closer the mermaid from before walked out of the water and up to Yuu.
"The cat is being chased by the Master." she said quickly and worried. "The cat can't win. The cat probably won't be able to come back. The cat tried to kill the Master's child."
"Wait a minute~" Yuu tried to talk through the mermaids frantic talking.
"Which made the Master mad. The Master is always angry...I hate it!" she grabbed Yuu's arm.
"H-Hey I said wait~" Yuu tried agian but was quickly drowned out by the mermaid agian.
"The Master is up there. I want you to get rid of the Master for me. Once you do the cat will come back too." she pointed up to the top of the mountain. "And then, the thing I hate will be gone. Okay?"
"Uhhh...okay?" Yuu looked at the mermaid confused.
"Goodbye." the mermaid said with a cheerful smile and jumped back into the sea.
"Um Yuu, what was that about?" Keneth looked over at Yuu.
"I um, I dunno." Yuu looked at his hand which wasn't wet at all. "I think she ment Chiepoo is in trouble."
"Well what are we waiting for? Let's go help him." Jewel replied as she pulled her sword out.
"Right!" Keneth and Yuu quickly unshelthed their swords and ran up the mountain to find a mosterous king crab. "What's that?" said Keneth as they arrived.
"There's Chiepoo!" Jewel pointed at Chiepoo getting chased by several small crabs.

They attacked the small crabs and dodged the king crabs attacks. Quickly taking out the smaller crabs they moved to attacking the king crab. Attacking his shell over and over it appeared to bearly get scratched. They started to get tired of attacking and the king crab didn't seem to lose any stamina at all.
"Our attacks aren't working!" Jewel shouted as she stood back.
"This is our only chance..." Yuu grabbed onto his left glove.
"What are you doing?" Keneth looked over at Yuu trying to understand what he was talking about.
"With this we can save Chiepoo." Yuu removed his glove and threw his left hand into the air. "Eternal Ordeal!!"

The rune started to glow crimson. Causing an emince heat to engulf the king crab. The screams of pain grew louder with each pulse of light. Yuu struggled to hold himself up as the rune drained his strength focusing it all onto the king crab. The king crab let out a horrible screech of pain and turned to ash. The light faded away and the screaming stopped.
"Is everyone okay?" Chiepoo ran over to them waving his arms franticly.
"He...He is...." Yuu tried to say as he collapsed onto the ground.
"Oh no! Yuu!" everyone ran to Yuu and tried to shake him awake.


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Re: Dayst's Stories

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Wow really lond story im on chapter one and it seems pretty interesting :)

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Re: Dayst's Stories

Post by Dayst on Sat 13 Aug 2011, 8:00 am

I'm not great at writing but alot of people liked this back when I first started writing this. I recently finished chapter 4, 5 and 6. I hope you all like it. Again this is base story belongs to Namco and their creaters I changed around parts of the story to fit my own and I changed around voices and such.


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Re: Dayst's Stories

Post by Guest on Sat 13 Aug 2011, 8:04 am

This is really cool, you´re very creative ;)

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Re: Dayst's Stories

Post by Dayst on Sat 13 Aug 2011, 11:52 am

Thank you :) Hope you enjoy it when you choose to read. xD


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Re: Dayst's Stories

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